A snowflakes fear of melting...

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Why is a snowflake, a snowflake, in today's society?

We need to go back to the early years in their lives and unravel...

Adult children – the snowflake....

It starts with lack of parenting.
The kind of parenting diminishing in society today. One Mon, a couple of kids, and spending all their time nurturing them to adulthood.

The kind of system that has worked for the last several thousand years, and across all different cultures.
The system has been the same.

Why is this? It wouldn't be the same pattern of upbringing, for all children across the world- for no reason.

It works.
Genetically speaking, the best way to increase the chances of genes surviving. That's the cold hard anthropology as to why.

Pair bonding, love, building a life together - are the vehicles in which this genetic hard wiring is delivered.

So on the assumption that countless successful generations - unconsciously - have been following this system (because it is the most successful one), then it would a fairly logical extension to say that any disruption to this system, may have many unintended consequences.

The snowflake is one of these.


Lack of genuine parenting, or small group parenting - where the individuals are all personally invested in their own children within that group - results in emotionally needy and insecure, children.

Care givers - daycare centers in today's modern society are not the parents. They are not emotionally invested in the children.
It is a paid job. Not a personal investment of emotion.

They do not – and cannot – afford the amount of attention needed to each individual child, to create that emotional bond needed in a child's younger life.
The emotional bond needed to create the foundations for well rounded, emotionally mature, adults

Lack of real bonding to a parent – bonding created by time cannot be substituted - or made up for, with shiny presents. It is what it is.

Without this quality time afforded to the infant, the infant develops an extreme sensitivity to disapproval. (from lack of attention).
This sensitivity to disapproval manifest's itself in many ways as we grow into adulthood.

Firstly, defensiveness of their own position. (in the world)
They cannot be questioned out on their view – that would be disapproval of their view. (to the overly sensitive)

These deep rooted insecurities of themselves also makes them much easier to manipulate by people they perceive, of having power (the need for approval from the authority figure stays with them through the years , unless recognized and dealt with).

The early years shape the adult.

As such, it must be taken with the gravity of responsibility it deserves.
Kids are owed that much .

marylin monroe.jpg

As a grown human - as an adult - snowflakes see themselves as such - All grown up.( but still with the same underlying oversensitiveness to criticism, and need of approval).

Any negative feedback to their personal views will be seen as a deep hurting rejection of who they are .
Not their view, not their perspective.

The very essence of who they are

As a self defensive measure, it is better to shut off this directed attack (as they see it) by aggressive reaction, or simply disregarding and turning away from the 'attacker'.

Have you ever experienced the frustrations of talking to a SJW with logic and reason? -Seeing total disregard of the information you are giving them? - as they lose their selves in a negative tirade- often very personal in an attempt to hurt back

This is why.

It's not their fault. It is their problem.

Maybe the best way to approach the emotionally unstable SJW, virtue signaler, is to highlight this, instead of talking about other issues.
Grown children still have a brain. Honestly.

BY highlighting the causes at to why they are behaving in such a way may be the start to unraveling the years of ingrained behavior.

It can be changed with work and effort.

On the downside - people with low self esteem, inflated sense of their own worth - are also incredibly lazy.
Good luck with that one...

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Wow, very insightful and well written post.

Of course, this comment is coming from one of a pair-bonded couple who put their kids first after they decided to start a family.

So I might be a little biased. ;-)

I'm glad I took a look at the New postings.

Upvoted, resteemed and following.


Thank you for your comment.

While I didn't come from that background exactly, my influences definitely prevented me from ever reaching 'snowflakehood' (for which I am eternally grateful!)

the lucky ones have daycare
latch key kids have Television.


A sad state of affairs. Firmly attributed to female tax cow, and the welfare state.



Johnson was a nice human being, wasn't he?

wow - I don't know much about malcolm x...must read up some more....


Johnson was a miserable excuse for a human being.
I regret that he was a Texan.


oh, the shame...

cognitive dissonance, over time, causes great mental stress.
mental stress, over time, cause insanity.

SJWs have nurtured a generation of fascists and rooted in Marxism; extreme and unpleasant aspects of the far-left amplified for those healthy enough to see (call) it for what it is. In the eighties the left was overcome with hippies and presently the left being overwhelmed with SJWs – only, this time, the right will be far more extreme than the likes of Ronald Reagan. I don’t need to read it on social media, I have witnessed it first-hand in my immediate family (snowflakes flourish). And it does hurt very much and no fixing "lazy."

It’s not their fault. It’s their problem.

Well said.


I think you can be fixing lazy. Sometimes.

Find something with tiny effort that brings that reward you only get with effort - then guide people into repeating that feeling - it gets addictive, if you can get them off their lazy arses..

Says me - who is now the laziest arse on the planet ! lol


I rather doubt your last statement but to my snowflakes (rainbow in color) the message is always as follows:

What shock me even worst than the current snowflakes is the sugar babies, prostitutes with emotion... I mean those girls are damaged goods for the rests of their lives... I am curious what their child bearing and raising capacities will be... my guess is that they will produce a violent counter reactions or totally collapse... specifically with digital analysis and profiling...


I know hundred of whores . Grea girls. you need to go read a book.

How old are u?


which book to you recommend?


you misunderstood the question..oh dear