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Never talk politics, money or religion with friends or family, but if you must, make sure that happens after dinner. This advice was given to me during college in a class that had nothing to do with human behavior. The fact that people are more understanding after a meal I am sure that speaks for itself, as we are in fact our own species of animals somehow evolved into rational and understanding beings. I feel like I do not have to explain that somehow, we are all a work in progress. At the same time I want to challenge that so called obstacle and think we are more than animals and we are rational humans with strong emotions and a good grip on reality!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading an interesting post. As I mentioned before in my previous posts there are many talented deep thinkers around the steemit community. I am most grateful to have the opportunity to meet some of them and that just backs my belief in this platform. Never in any kind of social media gathering have I seen so many great beautiful minds trying to express their thoughts and beliefs. Nevertheless I have read a post by @raymondspeaks and he spoke out loud. There is a division in our society and the result of it is breaking all that has kept our democracy together. So having that in mind, an after a few back and forths with the editor of that post, I truly believe that the subject deserves a more deep thought blog.
So let’s start with the begining..where did democracy start and what was the intended purpose of it? Well the answer is easy and if you have studied the roots of democracy, I am sure you all know that it started in Greece! Yes Greece the country that has become bankrupt in the last years! But the fact that they did reach bankruptcy is another subject and I will get into that when the time comes. Right now let’s just focus on democracy and the seed that the greek has planted. Well greek democracy started in the city of Athens, somewhere in the 5th century BC. In that time Athens had around 100,000 people and out of those, only 30,000 people, and by that I mean males only, were allowed to vote. Do not dare to judge the athenians, as long as America is dealing with inequality now a days. So getting back to Athens and the all male greek voting power. Just for the historical fact I am going to mention that the only majority that was allowed to vote were the athenians that have been part of a military service. The rest, besides women and children were, slaves, freed slaves and metics, (foreigners resident in Athens). So being it the 5th century BC, I am sure that none of you have any objections to that, this was the reality back then! Unlike a parliament the greeks had an assembly, and the assembly was not elected but they in fact choose to participate. In a sense greek democracy was direct rather then representative like it is today! In that part of history politicians where chosen by sortition. What does sortition mean? Well the basic rule of sorting even back then it came from the simple fact that “power corrupts “, so instead of electing representatives they choose, when the time came, to assign eligible individuals ( males over 30) to participate in the governing situation.
Now that you have understood more or less the origin of democracy as it was, you can fast forward to todays situation. I have mentioned before, that a certain post has influenced todays blog. The main ideea was that there is a division that has become a challenge in our democracy. I am referring strictly, but not entirely, to american democracy, as you can find the same kind of division in other parts of Europe to say at least. Well referring to America strictly, I can and you can as well acknowledge, that a division has been created. As people, benefiting from the fruits of democracy, we have the opportunity to express our own core beliefs regarding anything. That is the beauty of democracy and free speech and the main reason why we all choose to live here. Whether you are republican or democrat or libertarian, we can all exercise our own right to say what we believe in. Beautiful! I fully enjoy the process and applaud the issues be it on one side or another!
As in any freedom, that man gets, greed has to find its way. I am sure you have heard of the latin saying “divide et impera”. If you have never heard of it, it simply means “divide and conquer” and it has been identified even by the famous Machiavelli ( if you have never heard of him you should seriously start doing some research) as a military strategy in conquering the enemy from within. Well as divide et impera has been the motto of the Roman Empire, so has it become the motto of America, as it has used this strategy in conquest of foreign land. Well, as all may seem harmless when it is not in your back yard,I will try to make you acknowledge some issues that are very real today in our own back yard. There is a political division and the issue is more frightening that it was ever before. Republicans against democrats, far left antifa against neo natzis far right and so on. Now I am sure that the last will be regarded by you as extremists, I must remind you that all nations have extremists. There is a reason why they have a party or a name. The reason is that they unknowingly will gather in that party or group and someone, let us call it Big Brother, can keep a firm eye on them. Because of this, I am not worried about those group of lunatics. They are where they are meant to be. I am worried about the regular Joe and what this type of division creates for him. As the division has become a national issue I can only point out some things and will let you my steemians comment on them. The “divide et impera” has become more than a external issue. People that have come to benefit from the division have been working hard and long to bring the country in the state that it is today. Social media, mass media and low level of education have brought people to this level of misunderstanding . We pride ourselves in being left our right, but misinterpreted the actual meaning of being part of democracy. Yes, we have a right to express our beliefs, but from that to getting at the point of that we dismiss others opinions entirely, is a long shot. Just stop and listen! Try to understand and learn! The person that is opposed in thinking, might be your neighbor or your friend. Do you really need to demonize him for their beliefs? Can’t you just accept and try to work on the issue as a democratic society, the way that it was meant? We created democracy as a way to find a common ground in solving an issue! Why has that come to create a division? I will tell you my take on it! It is not the common man, that has done that type of thinking, as he is more concerned in how to feed his family and get through another day. It is in fact, the true beneficiaries of this so called democratic “loop hole” of division, that has came up with that. The lobbyists and corporations, the corrupt senator or greedy CEO that was the true origin of division, not the common man. The common man, does not have time to elaborate with his neighbor on issues of national security, he just wants a honest living for his family..Nevertheless be it who’s fault it may, at the end of the day it will be just us, the common people fighting each other for reasons that we do not truly understand. So how about changing the game? Giving them a run for their money! How about agreeing to disagree and owning up to the fact, that at the end of the day, despite political differences, we are all citizens of the same globalization? How about trying to understand that your neighbor wants the same type of solutions that you do, a fair honest future for themselves and their children?! How about that steemians? What about us?

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Lida you have given a very good accounting of democracy with this article. In fact I may be inclined to take this a step further in a daily dose in the future. I know that you are from Romania and living here in the USA so you may not be aware of what I am about to tell you. Most people even born in the USA or not aware of it as well, the United States of America was not founded as a democracy and was never intended to be a democracy. The founding fathers created a "republic" and it has been trampled on and replaced by "democracy". Which has led to numerous problems that we have here. There is a difference and worth exploring if you get the chance and are inclined to do so.
The pledge of allegiance to the flag specifically is worded "and to the republic for which it stands" not to the "democracy", the founding fathers knew what they were doing, the people let it slip away and that is very regretful.

That’s all good I knew that but you missed the point I was not refering to that! My point was more deeper then that and it had much wider conotations then what the intended purpose of the republic was..I was more actual and at the end of the day before you go to bed you see the division.. be it in a republic or democracy..tomato..tomato..

It may be that I missed your point, it might also be I missed it because I read your words,"The main ideea was that there is a division that has become a challenge in our democracy. I am referring strictly, but not entirely, to american democracy, as you can find the same kind of division in other parts of Europe to say at least. Well referring to America strictly, I can and you can as well acknowledge, that a division has been created. " to which I was specifically referring and should have noted by showing the quoted text.
Correct my if I am wrong, but at the end of the day the common man just wants to be left alone by the government. He doesn't want to do harm to anyone and likewise he wants no harm done to him and his family. I consider myself as a common man, that is what I would like.
I am not sure that you know the difference between a republic and a democracy if you did you would not have ended your response to me with, " be it in a republic or democracy..tomato..tomato.."
Most people now see the words "republic" and "democracy" and immediately associate the words with a political party and when I see you end your comment in "tomato..tomato" that leads me to believe you might not grasp what I was saying in my initial reply.
There is no doubt there is division in this country and several others as well, but I ask you to stop and think for a moment. When the United States of America was formed it was the only true republic on the earth, why do you think the Crown in England was so intent on making sure it didn't stay a republic?

The difference between a democracy and a republic is in the limits placed on government by the law. Both use a representative system. People vote to elect politicians to represent them and to form the government. In a republic the constitution protects certain rights that cannot be taken away by the government, even if they are elected.In a democracy the majority is not restrained in this way and can impose its will on the minority. I fully understand the concept of a republic and I can say that I agree with that..but as far as I know the USA is a democracy right now. The intended purpose for it to be a republic was right but got lost down the road for many reasons and that benefit certain groups of people. I was talking about the division in society something that you might or might not agree. The only reason why I ended the comment with the tomato tomato joke was because I frankly didn’t think you got my point. If you leave that aside and try to understand the utopical idea of democracy then you will understand my message. That is why I went to Greece and explained their intended purpose for democracy because I felt it expressed more or less the main idea without having to go to deep into the forms of government of todays America. Division was the issue not the form of government.

Okay, fare enough.

It is supposed to unite people
To cooperate with each other all over the world
Cooperation of great human values, can be known as helping individuals and helping them to do good and righteousness, and to prevent evil. The cooperation shall assist the other person, and shall facilitate the way as far as possible in front of them if it is in the best interest, and prevent them and warn them as much as they can if the matter is evil, and it may cause harm to them.

Sounds like a lot of work... What if everybody should take care of themselves... OK, it's not somebody's fault that has a poor life, and no opportunitys ...but that don't mean that they should make 11 kids, and I should feel sorry and take care of them... Even the universe might have a limit, stupidity doesn't...

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funny days we live. these lines that separate us seem so much sharper.
I am embroiled currently in a strange drama....and these words helped me to clarify my ideas....thank you

You’re welcome..glad I could be of any help..thx for the comment!

Something close to my heart. I always though every freed Athenian man had his duty of Politics when the time came. I'll take your word for it though because this stuff is just a hobby of mine :)

wish I could say what I believe in...soo much for demo-cracy-lition...

say it...id love to hear it...even if i dont agree. agreement is boring on most levels

If I say it... then I will have to find something else to wish for... :))
The truth is that I can't really write... never did, since I can remember. I am way better at fixing, building, repairing stuff with my hands... writing is not one of them...

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