War on fat. Weekly update.

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As agreed on previous blogs I have made a commitment in keeping a weekly update, on my struggles with getting in shape. I mentioned that after many failed attempts I finally managed to find a diet that works for me. A low carb high fat diet called Keto. I will not go into that today, since I have already explained the process of how this diet works in my previous post. This, however, is just an update on how things are coming along. After two weeks of relatively no carbs, I was pleased to see that I have lost around 8 pounds. Now, I know that this might not seem like a lot and most of it is surely water weight, but I am still pumped to see this finally happening. I have also been keeping my workout routine, although I have included a lot more cardio into it. I find, that it stimulates my body to get into the burning fat process, faster.
As the first week of this new diet training regime was in general easy, the second week was a pain in the ass. I think my body had entered ketosis by then and it was a horrible place to be. I felt tired, annoyed, weak and miserable altogether! But one thing I didn’t feel and that was hunger! Yes I have successfuly managed to shut those 4 nuckleheads down(aka the 4 deamons I was talking about in my previous post, that made me eat, just to keep them quiet)! Bacon and avocados seem to do the trick! It all worked fine with them, but I think I made some mistakes in my overall diet plan. As I have been eating plenty of fats, I think I might have overdone it with the protein and underdone it with the veggie part. That is why I am not fully satisfied with my final 8 pound result. Having that in mind, this week I will focus on the veggie part, also maintaining my low carb intake. I will also include protein in my diet, but it will be substatialy lower than the previous weeks. As for the gym routine, I will try to step it up and raise my cardio limit. I feel more energized and I don’t think it will be a issue doing a little bit more. Also, there are some negatives to this diet. I have been known to be a gangsta napper and this diet somehow ruined that for me. I seemed to have always an overactive sleep, nightmares being a regular thing. I used to wake up tired because of that, no matter how many hours of sleep I put in. Now with this extra new found energy, things went up a notch. I still manage to get my gangsta sleep, but the nightmares are overactive as well. And boy do I live some movie scripts!!584184B0-0345-4B8E-88B4-4273042B4A99.jpeg
I suspect those 4 assholes have something to do with the nightmare script, because they seem to have the leading roles in my dreams..stress is the main character, followed by his bitch mom Depression and then the little brothers Fear and Anxiety seem to top it, much like a cherry on a cake, only in this case the cherry is rotten, the cake is filled with disgusting ingredients and on fire! I know for sure that’s their way of payback for the trick that I pulled on them! Nevertheless I wake up relatively energized and fresh. I do wake up earlier than my usual previous routine and I am sure that the keto effect is to blame for that. All in all it has been a good week and don’t want to jinx it or anything, but I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time..hopeful! And not only because of the diet that seems to be working well, but also per general as state of mind!
That being said in order to keep this momentum going I have cooked a delicious vegetable beef soup! Plenty of keto approved veggie and protein to keep it all going!B1E71E4A-26C7-4061-99BF-7D75918ABADC.jpeg

Well this was about it for my weekly update! I will see you next week hopefully a little lighter though! Hehe

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Actually exercise is the best way to combat fear and anxiety which helps to reduce depression. #steemitbloggers

Slow and steady wins the race sometimes.

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Way to go on the weightloss!!

Thanks!I really do try to stay as healthy as I can..even though it gets so frustrating sometimes..

Give me a break,* "really do try to stay healthy as I can"* , as you light another cigarette to type this reply. Sheeeez lady.

Caught me red handed Sir..I was referring to my eating habits..but yes I did light up a cigaretter to type this..I got plenty to work on..pfff

Congrats on the progress! And I totally feel you on the changes to sleep patterns and dreams. That was one of the more unexpected developments of a healthier lifestyle for me. It does seem to get better over time though.

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