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On many occasions we ask ourselves what happens after a relationship ends, more than most of us went through the situation of losing that special person that we felt would be our love for life. We wonder if we could have done something different that will change the situation

There is always a lot of sadness, and fear when a relationship ends. You look back in time and ask yourself what you could have done differently. You look with a critical eye at what happened in the course of the relationship and, ultimately, you only have more questions than answers.
The truth is that I am sad because I lost someone, who obviously cared deeply, but, above all, I am grateful. I know that gratitude seems to be a strange feeling after ending a relationship, especially depending on how badly things ended.
This girl, among all the many women in my life, fundamentally changed who I am and how I act. To tell the truth, I waited all my life to find it. I waited a long time to fall completely in love with someone, and I'm glad I experienced it. I am even more grateful for the person with whom I could live it. Love is a special thing. It really is. It is not something that can be forced and is not something that can be planned, but sometimes, you stumble over something big, even if it does not work.

I look back and think of all those incredible moments we had: the first kiss, the first dinner, everything. I remember what I lived with such affection that, although I am not having a great time today, tomorrow I will be happy to have shared it.
You never think about ending up with someone when they start dating. You do not think that things are not going to work and maybe, that's why it's so hard to let go. All we do is see the good moments we share. That's why finishing is so difficult. But, as the relationship wears down, you realize, more and more clearly, if this is the person with whom you can spend the rest of your life or not.
The separation was, inevitably, what made me understand, for better or for worse, that what we had was special. I do not pretend to have all the answers. Actually, I probably do not have any. I only have my life experiences
For the moment, I must say that I am sad. I will accept that I feel annoyed because, you know what? That means that what we shared was real, that what we had meant something of truth. I prefer to feel very bad any day of the week to think that the time I spent with someone was nothing. Although it sounds little fun, I am grateful for this broken heart. I am grateful for this terrible feeling, because I know that, deep down, she changed me and I am a better person because of that
For a moment, I thought it would be unlikely that I would ever fall in love. I was worried that I lacked the fundamental skills to love someone. And now, I know it's not like that. Now I know that I can fight for love and that I can care for someone more than I ever imagined possible.

I know I would be willing to put someone else before me, that for once in my life I can stop being the selfish idiot that I am and really love someone with all my heart. That is a powerful gift, and something that I will never take for granted again. Unfortunately, not everything in life is solved. And, unfortunately, not everyone is destined to be with you forever. That's fine
Things in life happen for a reason; You just have to smile and be grateful for the days you have lived and the days that will come. I do not believe in mistakes. I do not believe in regrets, and I am happy to have met this person. I was blessed to have shared the time I had with her, because now I am a better person.
So I accept my wounds, because I can smile and look back fondly at the time we spend together. I can live without regrets and I know that the pain I am feeling now is because of the love we share. The ruptures are very bad and it is difficult to lose people. Take your time to feel bad and feel that pain, but do not get stuck there. Allow yourself to cry, but you should know



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