Snow Snow

in #blog2 years ago

Snow. It is still snowing with no end in sight
So it was yesterday, and so it its today
But today I found a painfully thin human in the snowfield
He was struggling forward, one slow step at a time before he finally collapsed into the vastness of the snow
Why is he walking here alone when it snows so heavily in these lands?
I cannot help but wonder

Snow. Today, the thin man woke up
But he was not completely awake
Amidst this icy, snowy landscape, he just barely opened his eyes
Surprisingly, he was not the least afraid when he saw me
"Do you know where i can fine the snow lotus?
He asked me, abruptly
I replied. And because i was curious about what he wanted to do, i went with him to find it.
I'm not lying. I really was just curious