Thinking about hosting plans for new website?

in #blog3 years ago

I am thinking about different hosting alternatives for the new website. I am thinking Django could be a good framework and it seems like heroku can be easily utilized but may be expensive?

Anybody have any insights on a good deal? Is Amazon a good deal? Are there any crypto alternatives? It would be cool if could use like space coin or sia coin or something like that to run the website to keep it all non central bank touching networks.

Does anyone have hosting they would be interested in renting? Hoping to do another day of filming later today, and also create a draft django website today with different file selection and a user system so each of you can join possibly, or at least once I have webcams people can join/verify and so fourth.

Perhaps could make a little certification and quiz like code academy so people can put it on their resume or stupid stuff like that?


Maidsafe is aiming to be decentralised internet but far from becoming reality so far. Until then perhaps godaddy hosting or hostgator are good options for web hosting.

will have to look into it, any idea what the license is?

There are not any functioning crypto options for this as far as i know.
Would be cool tho, our current way of renting web space is rather outdated.

yea figure would be a great utility coin

I dont think there are any hosting platforms that take crypto. Could be wrong tho.

yea, perhaps not suspect governments might not like that

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Very interesting idea, though i don't really know how to help you out on your search but i do hopefully be expecting a massive stuff from you. I look forward to it and do wish you all best.

thx, yea just trying to pump out as good content as I can subject to constraints

This Is Very Good Post
I Enjoy To Read It.

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thank you, glad you enjoyed it!!

i may not be of any help to you since am new but it's such a great idea you have. all the best on your quest...

Thanks yea just trying to make cool posts that are free that people might like using more than 7 days ago even.

What a great idea. Though im not a technological inclined person but i will keep my eyes on this and see how it turn out.

yea hopefully turns out well, should have the new version of the course ready be end of march

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yea sounds interesting

Good thinking. Always implement some new ideas. Creative thought

yep, just like the django architecture

hopefully find a good hosting deal here, or at least good advice on cheapest way to do it.

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Nice thinking! Nurture your ideas! Innovation and creativity have no limits ! Explore yourself .god bless you

thanks, hope the weekend has been going well for you

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great thanks!!

Very good nice hosting plan my friend God bless you👍

thanks yea heroku seems cool

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