Spring is Finally Here

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It seems that spring is finally here!

It's actually been here for a while now but we have had nothing but rain since the end of March, aside from maybe four days of sun. Today's is nice and sunny though which is a welcomed change as it actually finally feels like spring time.

The birds are out and the trees are finally starting to bud and bloom in the sunny weather. There are so many different shades of green, red and pink that it's impossible not to love this season.

I'm not a huge fan of all the bugs that come out in the spring. The ticks are actually really bad this year where I am currently living. I've pulled off at least five ticks from our dog so far. But I do like the butterfly's which I see are starting to make an appearance.

The blue skies and fluffy clouds are one of my favourite sites to see outside. It's kind of crazy how fast the clouds rolled in today though. The sky was pristinely blue just a few hours ago and now it is filled with soft white clouds.

I really hope that the sun will keep shining for a few days and that this weather will last.

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I keep forgetting about spring.
In Korea, spring is about 5 days and goes directly into summer. Nothing but hot and humid summers.

Great pictures. They're very bright and vivid. What kind of bird is that in your birdfeeder? Those are wonderful Blue Skies! Let's hope that weather still sticks around!

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Yeah it's the same here some years. Straight into summer - from freezing cold to hot and humid.
The bird is a chickadee. That bird feeder gets a variety of different interesting birds. Some unique ones that I've only seen here. Every time I tried to take a picture they flew away though. Chickadees are pretty fearless.

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