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Cheap workforce to make businesses more profitable in the name of diversity and preventing future rises of the far-right. Sounds familiar? Here I come. Oh boy. It sucks really really bad. But That may just be the same for everyone now. It's like being born in a country where nobody is like you. Life in the countryside is pure hell. Local businesses know where the money is, and essentially what kind of shopping experience they want their customers to have. One where I'm not there!

On top of creating poverty and conflict in Africa and Middle-East to keep exploiting everyone in there they make every able person leave their country of origin to get into Europe. Europeans then complain that their wages can't buy much and blame immigrants. But the ones responsible are the ones keeping Africa and the Middle-East in economic slavery. So that they can retain what they perceive as a competitive advantage these places have: natural and agricultural resources, and cheap workforce. The bad news is: it will not end any time soon. Why? Because Western societies have come to depend on this exploitative system. Immigration and lower purchasing power are only the top of the iceberg, here is what's going on.

In ancient times Africa and Asia could trade freely through the Silk Road. This road allowed great empires to exist at both ends and in between. China of course, but also every caliphate under the sun. These idiots from Isis are pretending to rebuild one because of the appeal that it has to its fighters but nobody else wants to see that happen.

Being able to mobilize resources from Asia allowed these empires to go far into Africa and even to Southern Europe, where Southern Spain was occupied for a few centuries. Even before then The Carthaginian Empire was going from Spain to Libya, and caused serious trouble to the Romans - a few elephants brought from India ended up roaming through Roman countryside on one occasion. Over a millennia later this trade saw the arrival of gunpowder from China to Europe through... the Arabs again.The arrival of gunpowder changed the course of history. Below is a picture of a cannon that belonged to the Emirate of Granada (period 1230–1492).


So as we can see, allowing Africa and Asia to trade freely through land allows them to mobilize each others resources and technology. That is very bad for anybody not Africa or Asia. How to make sure these two never get the upper leg on Europe and America? By blocking land trade between the two. How do you do that? Israel. The only land bridge between Africa and Asia. Notice how it happens to go all the way from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea? That area has the highest strategical importance on the planet because this is where African and Asian trade can go through. Or in our situation, cannot. What about sea trade? Sea trade is far less reliable and is unpredictable. A supply chain going through land can allow businesses to grow immensely larger than if their trade was going through sea. Supply is predictable. No storms, accidents, missing containers, damages while at the dock, the list goes on. The one place that rivals Israel in strategic significance in America would be Panama. It is the land bridge between Americas, and the day Russians or the Chinese get their hands on it you can bet the bird will hit the fan. That is therefore not going to happen any time soon.

What's the point between all this? Because Africa can't trade with Asia, they have to go through Europe for everything. European businesses can sell high value-added products to Africa which in turn supplies them with cheap raw materials. You can see that high-value added means higher quality jobs and standards of living, that many Africans will want. Now if free trade was allowed to go through land between say, Morocco and China. You would have one hell of a trade area that would massively undercut European business interests. So again, European and American prosperity depends on hanging on to this piece of land and making sure its inhabitants will defend it religiously. That certainly explains a few things, but what if the success of business interests inversely translates towards European and American consumers? That is the catch-22 where people are told that they hold political power without being able to influence middle-eastern politics, which is ultimately where significant power has been invested. By America and Europe on one side, with Russia and Iran on the other. The million-dollar question is, what if China gets in the game? We'll all be long gone by then, and the gigantic chessboard keeps on changing on a historical scale.

So now a small trick to try and bridge the massive culture between continents. Instead of brainwashing the mixed kids with MTV and Hollywood, let them access culture. The one their parents left as well as the one where they live. They need both. Schools have become a sad ghost of what they used to be. Children don't read Caesar's Gallic wars anymore. Instead they have something like this:


So they become easily influenced, feel resentment for the rejection they encounter, and too many fall for ideas like radicalization and violence, which would not happen if they were educated in the culture they inherited - AND - the one of the place they live in. Their parents typically don't have a clue because if they had they wouldn't have come. They always come believing in something but looking at my father, they refuse to see the obvious. They are blind and lie to themselves. The lack of culture only makes young people easy to influence. They can be managed from a centralized authority that does absolutely not have their best interests in mind. So they end up in trouble or causing it. I can't bring everybody back but I can try to stop mass migrations and when that is done, finally begin educating young people on who they are and where they come from. Because history programs are made for children belonging to the historical population of any given country, and even then often lacking the fundamentals, I can only recommend that history teachers get together and produce simple recommended reading lists of classics that should be read by young people depending on their ancestry. We are all the sum of our ancestry and knowing who our ancestors were and how they changed the world would go a long way in making people less gullible. The entire political and media system aimed at promoting America and essentially Great Britain's interests through Israel does a staggering amount of brainwashing. That leads to people cheering for military operations against clueless Middle-Easterners after Israelis demolish their towers and mass immigration leading to the kind terrorism that was made up in the first place - they managed to make it real.

yuri - demoralization.png

Now with all that complaining, why don't I go back? That's actually the plan once I make enough savings, as I don't want to go there and engage in the natural resource extraction mentioned above. But if you or anyone else would like to contribute to this project I would be very appreciative - not to mention that I would do everything I can to prevent migration from where I'll be going. Because you probably don't hear that every day, I'm the only person I know who wants to do that, there is an opportunity to do some good if you want to chip in. That's okay if you don't want to, words of advice are always welcome and considered.

To close the article I'll mention my Grandfather on my European side - who told me that I needed to do it. That was not because he did not like me, he was my grandfather and he liked me very much. He told me that while the US has the wealth and glory, the Russians come up with a plan every 40 or 50 years and call the shots in many ways. After 911 he told me that I needed to go to a place where people are like me because otherwise nobody would be able to protect me. My grandmother and mother were so brainwashed by the media circus that they immediately argued with him and he was unable to finish his explanation. He said that they were having a programmed reaction and barely ever said a word after that. The closest thing I was able to find about that plan were the writings of Anatoliy Golitsyn ("New Lies for Old" followed by "The Perestroika Deception"). He was a Soviet who defected to the US. The plan he wrote about ended in 2000 and a new one came with Putin. This time the plan would be against people of North-African/Middle-Eastern heritage and there was nothing for me to do about it other than go to a place far from Israel but where people look like me. So there you have it: migrants are made. They are not born migrants, they become migrants. The forces behind the process go far beyond what we mere mortals can control. All we can do is try to educate another in the hope that a few people will emerge from all this and be able to ease tensions between different cultures and prevent a few catastrophes in our immediate surroundings.In the end doing no harm takes a fair amount of wisdom.

Thanks for reading my article. If you want to check out some of my posts/comments I'm also on Float, a cool app still in progress but not full orwellian like FB:
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"Life in the countryside is pure hell. Local businesses know where the money is, and essentially what kind of shopping experience they want their customers to have."

Boy, your experiences have been vastly different than my own. Rural communities are far more decentralized and interdependent, and I find patronizing local businesses strongly reinforces communities, rather than facilitates predatory business practices.

"What about sea trade? Sea trade is far less reliable and is unpredictable."

Long distance trade is hugely dominated by sea routes, and has been long into prehistory. However, it is only available to institutions well organized, and anyone can walk next to a camel for 3000 miles, making land routes primarily valuable for commodities and individual traders.

As always, I deeply appreciate your post. You put a great deal of thought into them, and grasp well our political exigency.


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