Something 'nice'?

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I was considering posting just the image above, as this is the only thing I feel I can safely post...
Without going into the 'not nice' things to say... like in the post I wrote in my head this morning over coffee...
I could have posted that, too... nobody reads anything anyway... problem is it's too hot outside to be doing anything, much less trying to explain the things that bother me... much easier not to think about them, so they won't bother me...
I guess I'll just go sit in a corner, trying to find something that doesn't bother me at this point.
Hope you have something better to do than read this!

Hell, I'll post this one, too... just because Jack Nicholson is cool!

Ha Ha!


But I'd love to hear what's making you so grumpy;) Anything to distract me from the endless clouds, grey skies, rain, rain and then a bit more rain.
This global warming lark ain't all it's cracked up to be!

Nothing major... too many annoyances in real&virtual life...
Anyway, right about now I'd trade you for a a couple of those clouds, just a quick summer shower to cool down a bit... It's going to be very hot for the next few days, but, even so, I wouldn't want to have to deal with that much rain.

Sometimes this place does feel like a desert...

Jack Nicholson is cool, he's right up there with Bill Murray. I find myself really missing the "old days" lately. Every now and then I'll put a question at the end of my posts as a way to gauge how many people are actually reading or care to make the effort to answer. Every time I do it seems like the number gets less and less.

I hope you're able to get out of your funk and enjoy the weekend!

"If you've nothing nice to say...." My mum used to say this to me a lot when I was a kid. I must have been a grumpy little monkey I guess. Better out than in, that is what I say!

Middle of winter cold here. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm and then the heaviest hailstorm I've ever seen. But still, that is easier to cope with than too hot! Time to go and put some extra clothes on..

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