There is nothing shameful here, there is nothing wrong but a lie made by a troll named @walden ask @teamsteem and @thejohalfiles and all the actually productive users of steem

dont be fooled by someone who spends money on a minnowbooster upvote to slander someone

Its leeching behavior like this that resulted in me pulling any further creative posts on this platform.

I blocked sweetsssj a long time ago, purely because she was continually spamming the trending section and it was highly annoying.

Now I find out she's no better than the rest of the parasites, gaming the system.

Things have to change, or Steemit as a platform is doomed.

lol yeah blame the successful sweetsssj for the reason why YOU are uncreative and a loser LOL good one man

The best thing about self-voting haters is I get to live in their heads, rent-free.

Oooh, stainless steel appliances AND a jacuzzi? You shouldn't have!

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