#2 Nature provides... Surprise Surprise 😏

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Hey @everyone!

Friday couldn't come any sooner, I can't really remember when was the last one that I've spent without some good company and nice looking nugs. This week I'd like to share some Green Crack with Y'all. Yeah, the name is real but it contains only THC, no worries:)

Actually the very first occasion for me tasting this strain and I gotta say it's surprisingly better as I first thought. I'm not a fan of strains that put me on my ass for the whole day, I like being active-high, but since its Friday I took a risk, lolz. Green Crack has branched into two genetic lineages, the most common of which is its sativa line descended from Skunk #1. The 75% indica variety of Green Crack is said to have come from an Afghani strain. Whatever it is, I like it. Does have a kinda fruity taste but not as much as promised, still, top notch. Gives me a nice high, not too much buzz but enough to put me on the moon:)

Let's crank it up!

Smells like heaven:)


Overall score: 8/10


steem crta.png

Now lets get to the tricky part of this post, as usual I'll let Y'all guess the weight & who comes the closest wins 5 SBD!




- Please upvote or resteem this post.

- 1 Guess per person, please!

- Winner will receive the reward immediately after post payout!


steem crta.png

Until next time, thanks for stopping by! I upvote cool comments so go for it, any upvote or resteem is much appreciated! Take care & stay awesome!

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Looks delicious imagine it is good for a day inside or a day out enjoying the sunshine

5.6 Gs
Check your discord bro I had an awesome day :)


Thanks for your guess Bossman and I will, in a bit:) Glad to hear you had an awesome day!


Your welcome bro yes today was perfect you will see on discord ;)


wow very nice comments

5.23 g


Thanks 4 ur guess man! Good luck!

5.4 grams


Thanks 4 ur guess man!


Yeah sure. I didn't know I didn't follow you. Followed now


Thank you for that as well:) Cheers

6.8 grams I guess. :)


Great guess, good luck!


thank you very much!

10.2g bro!


Mahh man, good luck!



Thanks babe!

3 grams :)


With all do respect change your photo :P Thanks for joining the contest!


I like that picture of me though, it brings out the blue in my eyes :P
Interesting contest I like it

Big vote in Canada June 7th on legalising Cannabis for restricted Health & Recreational use - article on Steemit -


Thank for the info:) How about a guess!?!??!

10 grams 😍


Could be :P Thank you for your guess!

5.9 Gs


Well done, will see how you did next week:) Cheers!


okay ready for next weeks

I'm a go 4.5g's on this one. And would it be possible for a payout in product? Haha just saying, looks pretty kewl what you got there. Awesome contest, glad I found ya.


haha I get a lot of this type of requests :)) Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the team:))

I think it's about 8.9g


Okay thank you:)

6.66 G


uhhh we have a wild one here:) Thanks;)

3.3333 g :)


Thank you:))

Haha great post @kid4life ! 👍👍👍5.2grams


Thanks babe! And good luck!

11 g

What a great Idea! Great strain. Love an "active" effect as well. I was just about to write a post about the legalization of marijuana and NOT taxing it. Obviously each country/state/territory has different rules but I am excited to hear your feedback when I do share. Enjoy your weekend!

I think it's about 8.9g

4,47 gram I guess

This looks like about 2.9 grams or so.

...P.S. I love looking at all the posts and seeing all the people that will get ripped off by whoever they buy their bud from. This is not 10 grams no matter how dense the nugs are.

Wish we had skunk that good in Cro.... I cry for the times when I was gettin weed from you guys. Now it's just too expensive as it became so cheap here.

My guess is 5.05


Yeah. Depends where in Slo were you getting the stuff as I know at some place prices are just too high, but the good skunk like in this post is like 200-300EUR for 50g where I'm at. If your ever near Kolpa... Hit me up:)

Thanks for your guess, good luck!


Yep, that's pretty much what I was paying for before. At Cro we just smoke regular weed, nothing special but cheap af @ 60€ for 25. Where exactly is Kolpa? I'm usually somewhere near Dobova, is it close?


Its not too far away, Kolpa is Kupa in Cro right? Its a bit lower on the map than Dobova. I think, just woke up so I might be wrong... Yeah, regular weed is also cheap here, but I rather take skunk when available. It last way longer in my case that is.


Lol, yes it is. I thought you are talking about a place not a river hahaha. The problem with skunk and me is that I easily get used to it and can't get high after a couple of months smoking it and that never happens with regular weed.

In cali that looks like 5g for $40
great contest! one of a kind


Same price here heh thanks for kind words! Cheers!


let me guess... colorado? or portland?


Europe, Slovenia actually



I guess 4.12Gram

Hope I'll get the price. Lol

I guess 5,38 gram


son 14gr

I thing its about 10 grams

My instincts just whispered 3.8g to me. Don't even know what the thing is, yet might as well take the chances. 5 SBD is worth it.😂


The most simple contest around 4 sure, glad that you like it:) Thanks 4 your guess!

2 grams only.
Very enticing giphys there.

I go with a 7.75 if your intrested urbanremo just reviewed green crack on his channel.


Thanks 4 ur guess:) And sure, ill check it out! Cheers

6.23 g bruh! 😁

4.20 grams of course. Nice contest.. following..


hah cool:) Thanks & thanks!

Love the name. Never heard of green crack. I'm from Ohio though. I say 4.6


Thanks for your guess:)) OH OH, say hello to mahh man Stipe if you see him!

5.3g. It supposedly used to be one of Snoop Dogg's favorites. He called it Cush. I've only had crosses of Green Crack, but people like it for the active high.


Thanks for your guess! You know that I've just seen that yesterday, people callin it Cush. Interesting stuff:))

5.77 grams

10.6 gram boss@kid4life

I think it weighs one kilogram but only 8.9 grams I think this must be true hahahaa lol

13.13 gram bro :)

200gr because the seeds also tend to be sandy..

It's hard to tell the density in these pictures, so I'll guess 4.7g


Thats the tricky part:)) Thanks 4 ur guess!

7.4 gs

I'd like to say its 7.4, 7,1 g since it looks like what I usually get after smoking 1 g from an 8 g bag, but oh well, great post, I'm gonna have a lil smoke now

It looks like 4 grams... 🤞😜

4.8 grams!

I would go with 5 grams. Proud stoner here

I guess 46grams

7.7 g

LOL ...The picture looks great ... I'll say that approximately ... of 30 gr


5,5 grams , lets light that splif, can smell it

Oh how I love green crack! I'd say 6.22 my man.

Very simple but effective post! Seems natural & spontaneous & quite attractive... Good work!

I would say 3,15 g.


Keep on playing, Kid!


Glad that you like it and thanks for kind words:* Good luck!

5.4 grams😍

very nice blog post


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grams 10.5

2.7 grams

Your creative potential seems limitless

7 .5 gramos =)

You deserve a hug right now.

1/2 onza

I guess it's 5.19 grams 🙂

7 gs :)

2.5 g i think

7.4 grams 👍

4.55 Grams
Hopefully my guess is right

regards success @kid4life

6.9 gr I suppose

I'm not familiar about guess. Can please explain me.


Guess how much the cannabis weighs in grams. If you guess correctly you get a prize.


Ow I see it's really interesting. Ok let me guess. I'll comments next.

Hi! 2,5 g

Looks its about > 8,0 g, I guess

6.5 grams
wow so enlightening i also love the fact that its Top notch ahahahaahha

15 grams....Looking good!

I thing its about 4.4Gs

3.25 g!

I think it's about 4.9g

I thing its about 5.3 grams

I'm gonna say 8.2g

5 grams :)

3.7 grams

2.5 grams, check out my profile for some fire if your interested @kid4life

4.06g. Hope I guessed right.