The charm of sunset on the coast

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The charm of sunset on the coast

Hi guys, This time I will tell you my experience to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the coast. Lhoknga is one of the areas I frequent.


In addition to its natural beauty, here has a loose beach that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy it. No exception I was deliberately wanted to see the charm of this sunset.


Late in the night, waves blow, and ditmbah with wind blowing adds to the relaxed atmosphere becomes more comfortable. I think anyone who is there will get carried away.

That's my story this time, keep follow my post. Do not forget to support me by way of voteup and restem if you like my post this. Continue to be yourself and do not forget to smile today. I am @kedirimoet regards, "Aneuk Nanggroe".

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From time immemorial, the sun setting has always been a thing of great awe, fascination and contemplation.
Your photo is so natural, it shows the enviromment so serene and calm. Nice work.
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ken ji boh foto lon manteng, pasti lee yg vote. haha

Meutamah dit ureng vote lah