When I Started My Journey On Steemit..

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Hey Everyone!!!
Today i got my first post on steemit platform, when i just started my journey✈.

I was randomly looking my all posts to check out what i posted till now and then i got my first post. I just take a screenshot of it.
Here's that post📪...

If you are working on your goal, you will never stop progressing.

You can see in the post, this was the time when
i don't know anything about the steemit,
when my reputation was only 25,
my resource credits was very limited.
At my first post i rarely get any upvote and there was zero payout with no following and followers.
But here's a time when i have reached to 55 reputation and enough resource credits with many good friends and with a enough good knowledge of such platforms.

This all shows that any work on your goal never go waste. It will always take you a little more close to your destination. And if you continue working on your ways there will be less distance remain between you and your destination.

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You have come a long way on your journey! I'm glad you're still here. Keep showing us interesting things about your life and your part of the world. :)

Thank you kenny. 😇

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