ChatGPT Deactivated My Account because...

in #blog5 months ago

I was logging into ChatGPT yesterday, and since then I cannot.


I tried to contact the support but didn't get any response since. I checked the TOS but the only thing that I can think of is that I let my wife use the ChatGPT Plus at the same time, so probably this is it.

If I can't get my account back, I intend to use Google's Gemini which can be found here:

ChatGPT Plus: $20 per month and including VAT which is $24
Gemini Advanced: 18.99 GBP which is about $24 (not sure if this excludes VAT or not).


The 2TB can be shared up to 5:


Steem to the Moon🚀!


You can also use the Bing copilot, you can use it on the bing browser or in a app on yout phone, when you use it on the phone it allows you to access GPT 4.0 for free, it can also generate images, I've been useing it to create some images to my posts. best of this all is that it is all for free all you have to do is a microsoft account to access it all.

Yes, thanks for the info!

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