Avent of Code 2023 - Day 01 - Trebuchet?!

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Advent of Code occurs at Dec 01 to 25 where each day, you will need to solve a puzzle. It is Festival and the problem statement is mostly related to Christmas. Most people take this opportunity to learn and practice a new programming language and problem solving skills.


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Day 01 - Trebuchet?!





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!ask what is Advent of Code?

Advent of Code is an annual coding event in the month of December where participants solve programming puzzles to progress through a story. It was created by Eric Wastl and released in 2015. The puzzles are divided into two parts that must be solved in order to complete the challenge for that day. Each day's challenge is self-contained and can be solved without assistance from previous days. The puzzles range from easy to difficult, and can involve algorithms, math, or string manipulation.

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