10 tips to make stress an ally

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There are many misconceptions about stress. False beliefs that prevent us from understanding the mechanism, but also to understand all the utility. Because yes, perceived as a positive element, stress can be a valuable ally, a great tool to get to know each other more. This is the theme of the book "Gracias mi estrés" by trainer Patrick Collignon


Stress to prepare better

Stress is not a pathology, it is first of all a mechanism integrated by the human being since the beginning of time. At first, stress allowed us to escape from an animal attack or any other imminent death situation. Today, we no longer live in that environment, but this mechanism continues as soon as we feel threatened. This stress is, therefore, a valuable indication to prepare us better, because it shows us that we do not yet have all the cards to properly manage this or that situation.

  • Advice from Patrick Collignon: "If stress appears before a deadline, such as an exam, use this as a
    indicator that reveals that we are not sufficiently prepared, because you have not worked enough on your subject,
    for example. you increase your fluency level, your fluency, you will reduce your stress ".


Stress to give the best of yourself

Suffering pressure from a manager does not lead to positive stress. This can serve the faculties of an individual. On the contrary, the imposition of a certain pressure can increase its performance. This is often the case with procrastination followers who need to stand at the foot of the wall to give the best of themselves.

  • The advice of Patrick Collignon: "When you do not suffer stress but choose to activate it, it improves performance, and this is scientifically proven The people who integrated that response Stress is useful for their performance They are less stressful, less anxious and more secure This psychological change has physiological implications.The acceleration of the heart rhythm is accompanied by a contraction of blood vessels in people who feel that stress is negative, which leads to cardiovascular disease in chronic stress, and in those who qualify the stress as positive, this acceleration is accompanied by a dilation of the blood vessels, which is similar to what happens in moments of joy and courage


The stress of leaving our habits

Just as pain is a physical path that should not be overlooked, stress tells us it is time to do something different and disconnect the autopilot. In fact, stress appears when you leave your comfort zone to go into the unknown. As soon as we take a step towards this unknown, the stress alarm will be set to return us to our habits.

  • The advice of Patrick Collignon: "This stress signal is extremely interesting because it indicates that it is time to do the opposite, to find an innovative solution because it will be more effective in the situation that concerns you".


The stress of opening up to new points of view

We tend to think that our point of view reflects reality, whereas it is only our perception. When someone does not share our opinion, it generates stress and some nervousness. This is what we call stress in the "fight" mode, that is, we will try to make our ideas succeed as if we were in an arena. This combat, certainly symbolic, must lead to the victory of an opinion.

  • Advice from Patrick Collignon: "When a discussion goes wrong and we get rigid, it shows that we are more closed than usual, this stress should indicate that this is the time to show more open to contradictory opinions"


Stress to give impulse

Who has never broken his resistance record to take his train? Stress also makes us act in "flight" mode, that is, it allows us to increase our physical capacities in the face of a danger or at least against what we perceive as a threat. This is one of the effects "thank you my stress"!


Stress to have more confidence

As we have seen before, stress starts when someone does not share the same point of view as we do. But this can be useful if one manages to affirm oneself while remaining calm.

  • The advice of Patrick Collignon: "For some people who do not dare to say loud and clear what they think, stress can be used to give an excess value to affirm their opinions to invade a person when they make fun of its values, stress turns out to be a precious tool for the most timid ".


Stress to resist social pressure

Stress is an archaic reaction to our need for survival. However, during prehistory, it was extremely dangerous to be rejected by the group. That's why we have great fears about judgment, criticism or anything that can distract us from the collective. As a result, we can tend to erase our character traits to avoid conflicts and stay in harmony with the group.

  • Advice from Patrick Collignon: "Our reflection is doing what others expect from us due to the weight of the eyes of others, but this generates stress because we are no longer aligned with ourselves, it puts us in front of our own responsibilities, invites us we wonder what we think and really want, so I advise you to listen to this stress signal and do the opposite of what it would push you to do. "


Stress to let go

Very fashionable now, yoga techniques, meditation therapy or relaxation invite us to accept the moment, as it is, possibly, with your share of negative thoughts running like a cloud, without judgment. constructive education in stress management.

  • The advice of Patrick Collignon: "Controlling your stress allows you to learn how to let go, for example, stress because your teenager is not successful in school, you can put it in optimal conditions to study, will not succeed, never in place In this type of situation, it is essential not to make value judgments, not to reason in terms of success or failure.In a moment, this is no longer your responsibility.Taking is not giving up and stopping.fighting, but simply being open and having confidence in life that always finds its way ".


Stress as a nugget of personal development

Stress confronts us directly with anti-values. If one is very skillful punctuality, a delay of transport will generate a lot of stress. In fact, everything that gives us stress can be analyzed from this perspective, and invites us to improve.

  • The advice of Patrick Collignon: "In general, in the case of hyperponctuality, this may be the opportunity to realize that we also lost a form of freedom and the ability to accommodate unexpected good mood, everything that stresses us, discouraged or irritated is a nugget, an invitation for personal development, the idea is to learn how to handle it in a more constructive way ".


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