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HUMSS or The Humanities and Social Sciences strand is one of the academic tracks of senior high school in our country, which is the Philippines. Being a HUMSS student is hard but it helps me a lot. Here some reasons why would you choose this track and I can guarantee you that this strand can help you a lot and I know that this won’t be a waste of your time


This strand helps you to boost your self-confidence or your self- esteem. Since, maybe you are ashamed to other people by your physical appearance. Mostly, a person will be ashamed if there is something unpleasant on his like acnes but in this strand, it can rid of it. Rid of your shame because you will start to love yourself on here because that’s the purpose of this strand. If you don’t love, accept rather yourself, you don’t have a confidence to face others. Love yourself.


Also, it can help you to improve your communicative skill. If you are shy to everyone, you can choose HUMSS strand to turn you shyness into confidence.


Lastly, it can help you to improve your social skill. After you gain your confidence and improve your communicative skill. You are ready to socialize with others. You are now confident to talk to everyone since you’ve gain confidence and skill at communicating.


Well, if you are a shy person, afraid to talk in front of many people and bad at communicating. HUMSS is the strand for you. It can help you a lot too, as this strand helped me and I’m glad to introduce this strand to all of you, maybe this is your solution to your shyness, bad communicating and afraid to audience. CHOOSE HUMSS STRAND NOW!



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