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RE: It started in a playground...

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Wow what can I say? I don't know @dreemit but it seems like you guys go way back really and it's such a relief to see just how much you've grown over the years despite you still remain a minnow, I can say sometimes life makes people stay off steemit, and I believe that can said about you, you may be a minnow but you've added impact to those who Care to know and notice it., this was so emotional reading it.


@dreemit's someone you definitely need to know! If you're looking for genuine people on here, then she's surely who you're searching for! We do go way back! Our friendship has been forged in the blockchain for a long time. It has withstood ups and downs in cryptos, that's for sure. I'm happy to say that friendship has extended to the real world as well!

Wow that's really amazing to know, I'm glad you really got to get her book lastly it must've been so amazing for you really, I've had a few friends like that on the blockchain too really sometimes things like the blockchain helps one to build a long lasting friendship.

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