The new interactive film by Black Mirror: Bandersnatch [Without Spoiler]

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   Black Mirror, a British series that has become popular since 2018 since it began distributing on Netflix, currently has 4 seasons, a special and an interactive film which this post will focus on.

The premise of this series is the technology and interaction that we humans have with her and how our lives have been influenced by her, but in some episodes I felt that this was exaggerated and demonized technology, personally I did not like all the episodes, of facts were few that yes, saying this I want to limit that each episode is different, telling different histories but under the same premise.

This interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch if it has been my total pleasure, the story has been really good is set in 1984, where the life of Estefan is followed by a young programmer who lives with his father with whom he has a strange relationship. Estefan's mother is not present since he died in a train accident when he was young which left him traumatized so he must visit a psychiatrist from time to time.

Stefan decides to schedule a video game where decisions must be made that will change the plot depending on what the player chooses, that is what Estefan wants to create for which he must work very hard.

However, we will also be making decisions while the movie is going on and with some of these decisions the film will take on a different plot, which is innovative in it.

In addition, interesting topics such as Satanism, mind control, drugs, questioning reality and the best of all of our character's Insight are played.

The downside of this movie is that it lacks a certain depth to the characters and history as such, many things are lost in making decisions and different endings and performances are not remarkable, with a couple of exceptions, however not It becomes boring and leaves a good feeling so if I recommend it.

PS: the movie must see it directly on Netflix either in the (updated) applications or on its website.


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