One of the most terrifying characters in Venezuela: Dorangel the cannibal

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   Hello steemians, a few days ago I was talking with friends and we remembered the story of Dorangel the "comegent" and well I investigated a little more than I remembered to bring them the story.

José Dorangel, born in 1957 in the state of Merida, is a serial killer, also known as the "comegent" because of his predeliction to eat his victims. In a confirmed way he has killed 40 people.

His first act of murder was in 1995 in the Tachira state, he killed his street companion, since both were destitute in the streets, but before going to Tachira, Dorangel had a history of being imprisoned for stealing farm animals and eating them alive but these were not criminal acts considered serious for which he was released.

After committing his first murder is denounced by another homeless and the police at that time did not believe anything until he arrived at the scene where they found a scene worthy of film, the limbs of the man murdered all over the place together with their viscera and bottles and pots with their blood.

After this Dorangel is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and he is interned for two years in a psychiatric hospital.

After being discharged, he starts living under a bridge where he ate his victims (only men), which he hunted in parks with a spear.

In 1999 there were already multiple reports of missing persons in the area, which caused much speculation that they were a consequence of crime or santeros who used human bodies.

However, there was a complaint in the police that bones that look like humans were found in a park and the police found 6 bodies when conducting the investigation.

The police continued the investigation until it found the site under the bridge where Dorangel lived and there he was with human remains, a horrifying scene.

When he was there he could not deny the facts and assumed responsibility for what is deprived of his freedom with 30 years of prison, but that's not the end of it, in the prison where there was a riot where two policemen were murdered and were cooked, Other prisoners ordered Dorangel to do it but he says he did not do it.

Currently he is still deprived of freedom, however, he is separated from the others because he is a special risk.

This man also had certain curiosities: he only ate the part of the abdomen because the rest caused him upset stomach, in addition to eating only men since children and women did not like it that much.

He also had a lot of concern about how to store human flesh since he did not have a refrigerator and was worried that they would get damaged.

In addition this man has been an inspiration for songs and soap operas.

Song inspired by Dorangel



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