I finally presented my thesis

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Hello friends, every university student knows the importance of presenting the degree work, after so much work I managed to present it yesterday.

It is not that I will tell you what it is about not to bore you, I will only tell you that it was a 1-year work on poisoning research in the largest hospital in the state.

there is tension in the theater
It all started there in 2017 when I did not know what I would do for grade work, I had no idea of ​​subject, tutor, much less a partner, so I talk to my friends @ osmy07 and @ davt014 and they tell me that they will do the I work as a research specialist, so I decided to talk to him and he accepted me (I was one of the best in the subjects that the amount).

Then the meetings began where we decided on the issue, we adjusted the data collection instrument, we requested the permits, and so on, before we could begin to collect the data.

What we did was divide into a group of 2 people for the collection, each group had to be on duty for 1 week, where we had to go to the hospital several times a day during that week to be able to inform ourselves about the cases, and not only that but Our guardian is in charge of the bioterium of the medical school, so during the guard week we had to feed the animals, which pitifully died from smoke from tear gas used during the protests.

After all this difficult process of collection, we had to process the information which was somewhat complicated since; Fortunately, it was a lot. And at the same time make the draft which also led meetings and meetings so that everything was well done.

Already after the draft was approved, we carried out the work as such that it also took us a lot of time and effort, which we registered and when we had the jury we delivered the volumes and corrected what they asked for and quickly asked us to present, literally it was a day for another.

Already this part was an adventure, these presentations are an important moment, so we usually have to dress well, make a toast, share with parades, etc.

Having the date of exposure my partner and I went into crisis but with our feet on the ground, we quickly decided what we were going to do and we got into it, between the two we made the parades, the mother of my partner gave us the wine For the toast, I remember that last night I only slept 2 hours of so much stress, for my partner it was also difficult the light went out and she arrived in the early morning, a part of the dress was damaged but nothing happened because with the robe no It showed.

But in the end everything went perfect, the thesis was approved and mention publication! Which was a great satisfaction given all the work that took us to carry out this work, the hours of research, writing, difficult decisions about what to place and what not, to extract all the juice to the results so that the work had an important contribution.

Obviously I have to thank a lot of people, for example to @davt014, @osmy07 to @jaboncitorubio for their delicious sweets to @yosuandoni for a celebration gift: D

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