August 26th 2019

in blog •  11 days ago  (edited)

It was all sped up 100 fold
Though I knew where I was headed this time
Always aware of the end result
And the cause.
Self sabotage, a selfish copout.
But, I am bought to what I have resisted and tried my best to ignore.
You can't carry on ignoring the call of the heart.
Solitude is a gift and healthy,
But maybe i took it to the extreme. Maybe not.
It is time to find meaning again
And begin anew.
To work for the greater good
The upliftment.
Towards endless joy, not temporary pleasure.
The path of becoming
fearless, focused and in tune with nature.
One way for me is to retain the seed,
that vital force within, to pledge to myself to stay vigilant,
and on the right path
The middle one, balance
and move forward and upwards
into the unknown
living life to the fullest
without those carnal pleasures
that make man weak.
There will never be a bowing down to authority though,
or conforming to others expectations, or some rule or code.
Because the truth is, there are no rules.
And "authorities" are simply people in fancy dress costumes,
acting out childhood issues in, the now obsolete, artificial matrix.
It's all a well thought out illusion
created and perpetuated by the ruling patriarchy
who usurped mother nature,
The natural and divine matrix.
I will only conform to nature's laws.
She is the womb and the giver of real life.
True luxury is trees, forests, herbs, oceans, rivers,
and all animal life un-enslaved by humanity.
True luxury costs nothing, until we destroy it.
Adapt, change, open the heart
And go again.

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