Hotel PMS (property management system) First School to use in Tacloban, Leyte Normal University

in #blog4 years ago

This is the first time a Laboratory Hotel or a School Hotel introduced a Property Management System (PMS) in Tacloban. Since there is only 2 schools in Tacloban City that has a Laboratory Hotel namely LNU (Leyte Normal University) and EVSU (Eastern Visayas State University) only LNU is introducing a computerized management system. This is our first ever training session for the system. I am so glad that even though this is our last semester in this school we were still able get a training for this system which will help us in our future application for a job in hotels.

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Wow. so cool .😊

Very nice.

we are so blessed to be the first ones to test this system.. :)

That's great for Tacloban...

yes it opens a whole lot of opportunities for students..

Nice bro..

Wow its look like upgrading :)

A big upgrade :)

Very nice! Followed and upvoted you :)

thank you :) i also :)

Wow! Shosyal!

hehehe.. sosyal na it LNU


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