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2012-01-24 MY NEW SHED BUILT IN SUMMER OR SO OF 2011.jpg

After destroying the old shed accidentally in 2011, I built this out of random wood around our trailer mobile home house at space 163, at the Rose Grove Mobile Home Trailer Park Community Ghetto at 3839 Pacific Avenue 163; in Forest Grove City, Washington County, Oregon State, United States of northern America (USA).

The managers, of our Rose Grove neighborhood, told us we had to tear down my Arnold Attic love shack shed dump thing around February 2012, which was some months after making it like in the summer of 2011. I'm the creator of the Arnold Attic Films which stars forest wandering alien boy wonder Billy Breaker who got stuck, lost, or imprisoned by his alleged father. This story aims to be a parody for the Forty Four Tapes of the Arnold Island and a parody of my life, me, Joey Arnold, the doctor of Original Oatmeal, the Joe Cool, the Cool Kid, The Ghetto Joe, the thief in the night, the Tweety Bird. I've been making videos since 1996 (right before my eleventh birthday, February eleven).

I've been drawing and singing and stuff since about 1988 or so. I have some videos of this shed thing I made. I recorded myself tearing it down a little. I was living in there too for a while as well.

Date of birth (DOB): 1985-02-11; place of birth (POB): in Forest Grove & grew up here in Rose Grove until 2004. Went off to WOLBI, ABC, worked at camps for 5 years, attended 4 colleges, worked in Hawaii with The Salvation Army, made videos since 1996, been writing since 1995 or so, and I moved back home early in 2011 and was there almost two years until I ended up moving to Vietnam on Thursday, the twenty ninth (29th) of November 2012 (2012-11-29). This old house.

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