Why Successful Entrepreneurs Never Win The Lottery...

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Want to know why Successful Entrepreneurs Never Win The Lottery?

They don't buy lottery tickets...

Successful people understand that there is a formula for success, not blind luck.

Instead, successful people invest... not only in stock, bonds, and real-estate...

But their biggest asset of all... THEMSEVLES.

How do I know they do this? Because I am one of these Successful Entrepreneurs running a 6-figure online teaching business.

Two years ago I told my parents all I wanted for Christmas was books. Thats it. So what did they do? They bought me books... and a lot of them. I read a book a week that year and my life has never been the same since.

So if you want to be happy, healthy, and wealthy..

And not just in the material stuff

Invest in YOU

Have a wonderful Thursday :)

Joe Parys


Well said! Successful Entrepreneurs have realistic expectations and don't wait on wonders :)

Thank you @generation

Hey @joeparys , I have started a podcast recently where I interview other entrepreneurs.

The podcast is on my youtube channel, and here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5CpCNPna6p95oJfKPew0N3ZT0k-khdgg

We talk about what you are currently doing in life, your business as well as your journey and any lessons or advice you want the world to know.
A casual conversation about entrepreneurship, and, about you.

Would you be interested in appearing on the show?

hi @nantchev thank you for your reply! I am traveling until Monday next week but yes please feel free to reach out!

That is ok- you can pick a time and date that suits you best here: https://calendly.com/adriannantchev/entrepreneur-podcast

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Thank you @michelnilles for your comment and I look forward to seeing your stuff here as well!

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