What are You Reading?

in blog •  2 months ago

Since I’ve been feeling under the weather, I have spent more time lounging around until my strength returns. I am an avid reader but most of the time, I am not willing to share my reading list.


I have had to read so many books just for my education, that now I choose to read what I consider as “fluff” material. I like to read for enjoyment, and my entertainment. I love science-fiction as a genre, but I also like romance novels. It took me a while to start appreciating historical romance novels.

There is so much violence, war, and sadness in the world, that I choose comedy, laughter, and books that make me feel good. Now don’t get me wrong, I still read to be enlightened about a subject as needed. For example, I will be reading several books on 35 mm photography because of my latest find of camera equipment at the thrift store.

When I am down and out however, I like to read feel good material. What are you reading?

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