Not sure what I was doing! XD

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So hours ago, Steem's market value was at $0.23 USD.

With an airdrop coming (Blurt something which is another blockchain that will mirror Steem minus the downvote features), I did expect Steem's value to go up and so I converted a few of my liquid HIVE (around 100 HIVE first) to STEEM as well as convert my DEC's to HIVE which I then converted to STEEM.

And as I was contemplating to convert the remaining of my liquid HIVE (290 HIVE) to STEEM, I read a blog post about the Blocktrades Exchange disabling STEEM.

My not so perfect plan was to convert ALL my HIVE tokens today to STEEM and then sell it ALL at a higher price and then convert it all back to HIVE, but with the Blocktrades Exchange disabling STEEM, there's no way that plan would go through. XD

I also don't have any account on any major exchanges and I really don't like the verification processes of this exchanges and so I just immediately converted back the converted STEEM to liquid HIVE through Steem/HIVE-Engine. Lol

I honestly was not sure what I was doing the whole time. I did convert it at a somewhat higher price ($0.245 USD) but with all the deposit/withdrawal fee of Steem/Hive Engine, I think I was just wasting my time with all the converting. T_T

Anyways, at the moment, STEEM is now at $0.30 USD (and still increasing) it would have been perfect to convert at this rate if only Blocktrades didn't disable Steem.

I do believe that after the snapshot, Steem's value would go back to it's value from days ago and may even dropppppp further due to the upcoming hardfork. Hopefully, it would go back to HIVE so I won't regret much not hodling it for hours. XD

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