My Tribe Tokens!

in #blog2 years ago

I just noticed today that on one's PeakD's wallet page, it now shows the estimated value (in $) of both Liquid and Staked value for a token listed on Hive-Engine.

I honestly have long been curious as to how much is the value of all the tribe tokens I hold now. For months, I have been adding some of these tribes on my tags. At one point I think these tokens have a decent value, like I remember months ago where the rewards I got from the PAL token alone is much more than the rewards I got on Steem (in $). XD

Since then, I have been using these tags on my posts and powering them all up whenever I remember.

And ta~dahhh, months after here are my tribe tokens now:


In all honesty, I was expecting to get at least $50 in total from ALL these tokens. Lol

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