Why would I stopped steemit for two weeks?

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The last time we saw each other here, I was very healthy and was officially single and I had also proposed to write good posts trying to be of interest and quality, but why I stopped writing just when more inspired should be? As everyone knows the situation in my country is getting worse that's why my girlfriend's parents decided to emigrate to Peru next month that made our wedding plans dramatically advance, we had planned to do it in December but because of this we had to plan the wedding in just two weeks, it seemed crazy and somehow it was but everything went very well, I'm married to @cristi24491 who is the woman who took me to know the world of steemit because she met him first and I can say that this week I will be sharing with you photos and a post about this great experience of life like getting married, for now it was only a civil wedding, within a few months and with good planning will be for the church.


So far so great but in recent weeks have been many things, the stress of work plus the preparations for the wedding and the fatigue that had been dragging me to suffer a disease known as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) this disease makes that the muscles and tendons of the forearm become damaged due to excessive use, by repeating the same movements over and over again. This causes me quite pain and sensitivity on the outside of the elbow and in the tricep sometimes it hurts to my wrist, the doctor prescribed me a lot of rest and stay away from computers and phones for a while, so today I'm just taking back all this again, it was good to take a break and although I still can not keep many hours in front of a computer, I missed steemit, I feel that here I have managed to make good friends although most of them are obviously in other countries and we have not seen each other, but being here and blogging is a very good way to share with the rest of the world what you feel, what you know, what you want to learn and be able to talk with people from other cultures and other countries is something that I like and as I say to several I consider them my friends.

I tell them that even though I am not 100% cured of epicondylitis, I do not want to stop writing and interacting so I can say that from now on we will see each other much more often!


Which cause are you crying

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Great to see you back.
Congrats for your wedding!!! I know it’s gonna be hard to prepare in few weeks, but possible. :)
And hope you are gonna be better with your pain soon!!

hey buddy , thanks for your words I'm happy to be able to return
Today I have felt less pain I hope to continue improving
How is everything in your restaurant?

Doing well bro :)
Just thinking how to grow this business :)

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take it easy man. seems like a lot of things are happening at once!
congrats on getting married and i'll see you again when you're feeling well!

thank you for your words bro, I think that getting married in venezuela in these times is something incredible since there were many things against but we could make everything go well, I'm getting the photos to be able to publish them

congrats for your weeding! and take care - get well soon :)

thank you for your good wishes my dear friend

Congratulations on the wedding! I saw the post of @jznsamuel, so I head out and check your blog as well. Following you.

hey man, Thanks for visiting my profile, I went to yours and I also followed you, cheers from Maracay to Ayala Triangle Gardens

You're welcome! I appreciate for checking out my profile too. have a good one!