Knowing a little more about my country - part 3 FINAL

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hello to all, after many days of waiting and for the reasons I explained in my last post today I will finally culminate the series of the curiosities that I wanted to make known about my country venezuela so I have several interesting facts below:

  • The procession in honor of the virgin of the divine shepherd celebrated in barquisimeto is the religious procession that gathers the largest volume of assistants in South America and the third largest Marian devotion in the world surpassed only by the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, and the Virgin of Fatima in Portugal


  • Jacinto Convit was a Venezuelan doctor and scientist with a long career known for developing the vaccine against leprosy. He was awarded the Prince of Asturias award for scientific and technical research in 1987 and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988


  • The Guyanese shield is the oldest geological formation on the planet Earth, it has a date of more than three billion years and it is located south of the Orinoco River, it covers the states of Bolívar and Amazonas. Its extension is approximately 4 130,000 square kilometers equivalent to almost half of the Venezuelan territory


  • The Venezuelan Simón Bolívar was one of the most outstanding figures of the American emancipation against Spain, helped to inspire and concretize in a decisive way the independence of the current Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and the reorganization of Peru.


  • The tepuyes are the oldest plateau-shaped mountains on the planet found in the Guiana Shield region, the most famous pool that exists is Monte Roraima


  • Venezuela is a country noted for its biological diversity being considered one of the megadiverse countries in the world has 30,000 species of plants, positioning the country in the eighth place in the world also ranks sixth in bird species, counting approximately thousand 418 species with 49 of them being endemic there are 318 species of mammals and 197 species of amphibians occupying the tenth place in this group it is estimated that 12 percent of the 1,200 species of freshwater fish are endemic among tropical countries ranks fourth in plant species fifth mammals and sixth birds in amphibian and reptile primates and ninth in butterflies


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What do you think after reading all that facts?
Did you know any of these curiosities and facts about my country??
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interesting because everything is so different from my country. the culture, history, geography, everything!
pls share your daily life as well! 😄

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