Did you know that you belong to the Millennial generation?

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From the decade of the 80 the pattern was marking the technological world, there was an explosion, both in the mass and in the advancement of technology.
These changes that were accelerated progressively made the generation Y a very particular, while the previous generation, were intensely concerned about their work and social advancement. Millennials we have another type of mentality:

We are very sociable

I think we have an innate capacity to relate and make friends, that makes us people with great capacity to create connections, which does not imply that these connections are fruitful, deep and lasting.

We adapt to technology easily

Not only the ability to adapt to technology, but we have a mental capacity that allows us to adapt more easily to changing circumstances unlike previous generations.

Accustomed to social networks

Social Networks are an opportunity to create connections and it is also an expression of an increasingly strong need for recognition and satisfaction.

Creativity to the limit

We have grown stimulated in a surprising way, playing Play Station and Nintendo, which forced us to look for different solutions to the same problem and encouraging creativity.

We want autonomy in the Work

For us, autonomy and freedom are important, unlike our parents who, many times, spent their entire lives under a work-related relationship, for us it is different because it is very important to dedicate time to personal things (Sports, rest , recreation)

Millennials grew up playing with Mario Bros, something as simple as the coins that Mario was collecting on his way to rescue the princess made possible the emergence of a different concept of Value, what is it worth? Why do we consider it worth ?, and this has caused a new concept of Currency.
If we take the Mario Bros coins, the emergence of computational processes and the scarcity principle, we put all that in a blender we get the Bitcoin. We can say then that the Millennial mentality was the one that gave rise to cryptocurrencies.


haha for a sec i thought you were gonna say something bad about millennials like so many other people! 😆
but yea, we're all products of our environment!

hahaha on the contrary, we millennials are great