Why can't all phones, I pads, cameras etc have the same UNIVERSAL CHARGER???

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Below is just a few of my vast selection of CHARGERS accumulated over the years!!!!


I'm not technologically minded, and for various reasons, it may not be possible??. However everytime I get a new mobile phone, I pad, camera etc it comes with a charger that is never the same as any of the others I already have. Why not ??

Why can't large companies get together, prompted by government regulations,and produce goods that all need just one type or a very limited number of types of chargers???

It would:-

Save money!

Save raw materials!

Save waste!

And finally it would save Senior Citizens like me getting totally confused by what charger goes with which item!!!!.

The reason I have been prompted to write this, is that myself and my other half have recently been away, and came back realising we had left our Apple I pad charger behind. For various reasons it was difficult to retrieve it immediately. Hence we decided to get a new one.

We went to the Apple store, and the cost would have been £40!!!!!!!!!

We went on line, and after trawling through a mind boggling amount of different chargers, we found one guaranteed a match, and much cheaper. The lead DIDN'T match, so we wasted 15.98!!!!!!!!!!

Armed with the plug from this and my I pad I went to a local office supply store, and a young man found me the appropriate lead. £14.50 !!!!!!!!!!!

Total cost of our forgetfulness, not including time and effort £30.48.

And for something quite small, and probably cheap to produce !!!


The young man said he was keen to find me the right one, as "Apple regularly changed their Chargers"!!!

I wonder why. Is it purely to update them or is it because it is more lucrative???

During our research, on line, we found a multitude of different multi functional chargers. Many claiming to charge virtually anything, but they sounded to good to be true, and probably were.

Meanwhile what shall I do with all my redundant chargers, particularly the ones with the pointed ends, they seem to have been superceded by flat ended ones. Perhaps I'll hang on to them. When they run out of designs, they may introduce the old ones back again???

Better still they could adopt a universal design for goods and chargers. One size fits all!!!

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i like that good suggestion from you @jimunc our government must give order to the differrent cellphone company owner to have one zise of charger, for the good all.