Is the sun we see in the sky the actual sun or is it a sun simulator?

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I stumbled upon this Twitter account quite recently and I was shocked at what was being proposed, but as I looked into it and thought about it I came to terrifying realisatiion that it just might be true. I've been documenting geoengineering for years and the idea that one of the purposes of the trails and haze we see is to block our view of the sun because it isn't the sun is mindblowing to be honest.

If there is a sun simulator, what would its purpose be? Are there things going on in front of the sun they don't want us to see such as UFOs or something else?

Ten years ago, if someone had suggested that there was a solar simulator in the sky I would have laughed and dismissed them but today after 10 years of consistently discovering that so much of what I once believed were deliberate lies, I no longer dismiss anything.

There are patents for solar simulators and there are pictures online that appear to show they have been built but I thought I would put my thoughts on this on the blockchain to see what other people think.


I remember when the skies were blue and the sun was yellow and all I see today are white skies in front of a white sun. Are my memories fooling me? Did the sun ever appear yellow? Does anyone have any photos of the sky and the sun prior to 1990 so my memories can be confirmed?

Answers on a postcard or on this blockchain.

Thanks for reading

Stay Safe



I agree 100% on your reasonable doubts considering our sun.
There is material on the internet showing two suns, from Africa
i saw a video with the "sun" flickering on/off like a lamp, and then
i had my own experience on a cloudy day showing a bigger object
behind the "sun", and even though it was cloudy, they kept on spraying
over it to hide... yeah...exactly what? Our real Sun maybe..?
Greetings Brother ;)

Thanks for taking the time to reply and sorry it has taken me so long to reply back. There is so much happening on planet earth right now it is hard to keep up with it all and that is without digging into the conspiratorial side of things. We are living in interesting times but unfortunately most people seem to just be blindly going about their lives as if everything is ok.

I had a look at the post you linked. I visited the USA a couple of years ago and that was the first time I saw a sun halo. I've seen them more since now I am paying attention.

Stay safe


Easy, take your time and work off priorities first, Jim ;)
I am doing the same...
Let's stay focused.
I am tending to a complete artificial sky system under the dome,
and the "helo" might be the real sun behind the dome...

simpsons under the dome.jpg

optical illusions, wow.

there is one sun, or every one would know it because they'd often see 2 in the sky.

".. or every one would know it because they'd often see 2 in the sky."
Yeah right, like everyone is aware of what is going on on this planet.
C'mon son, are you aware of what you just said there...
Everybody know nothing!
Did you wake up by now?

that's a video, and you're rude, as well as easily led.

And here is one more, Einstein:

you're an idiot, i can't believe i spent all that time commenting to you (which you never bothered replying to.)

the reason you're an idiot is because those are images on a screen, you might as well believe earth is a spinning ball in outer space, or the twin towers were hit by hijacked planes if this is your level of research.

not that it matters, but just so you know, when most people in the world see 2 suns lots of times with their own eyes then we'll have 2 suns. till then, did i mention it, you're a total fucking idiot and i hope never to speak to you ever again.

Truth hurts ;)
And when you talk about somebody else,
you talk about yourself.
Peace out, Bro

it is true there are patents for solar simulators, and i could think of many uses for them.

what there is not is a patent or actual existence of a man-made local sun that gives out immense heat, flies across the sky at 1038 mph, 'drifts' perfectly every six months between the tropics to give us the seasons, and lights up the water vapour and noble gases in the atmosphere to give us daylight, and those majestic orange and red sunrises and sets.

hopefully when i put it that way you might realise this is one of those red herring 'mindbending conspiracies,' but what i described above actually is the sun - it's not 93 million miles away nor 864,000 miles across, it's a small plasma conduit, much smaller than the earth, and it acts as i described there.

because the ground under your feet isn't really moving, is it?


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I watched your flat earth video so I think I know what you are getting at with your comment. Interesting times we are living in.

took me six months to get my head round the amount of deep programming we have all been under concerning our cosmology and what the earth really is. lots of research, and studying of topics i had previously no experience nor particular interest in.

keep your mind open, always. peace ;-)

Good to see you posting again! Welcome back :)

@truthforce writing.

I believe the haze and discoloring or call it uncoloring of the sun and skies has to do with our atmosphere more than the sun itself.

We can't by any means geo-engineer the sun or even be close to it, for us that's a massive star being the closest to us. If the sun literally 'farted' all our communication systems will go bust, that's when there's a sun storm and one of the flames go a tiny bit higher in the sun sky.

I'm afraid our atmosphere, the closest to us, is our main concern which contains the air we breathe and which is stabilizing our Earth's rotation and masses and which blocks the harmful rays and astroids from hitting us directly.

Most probably it's the lower levels of the atmosphere we're harming in focused areas which is affecting the colors and looks of the sky and sun. We're too small as a whole to cause any effect beyond our reach.

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