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Morning campers.

It's another day in clown world.

Another day of queuing to get into a supermarket and then feeling uneasy when you do get inside because you don't know who around you is a scared child who and who is an adult. People under 70 years old wearing masks is usually a good indication that they believe I am a danger to to them but I never quite know whether someone is going to get angry or annoyed with me for simply behaving the way I have always behaved around people.

There isn't much sign of this shit easing up. The UK government is now threatening to close beaches if people don't obey their social distancing 'guidance' after thousands of people dared to head to beaches on a sunny day. A major incident was declared by the police if you can believe it. 6 months ago a major incident would have conjured up images of a terrorist attack or a large traffic accident with multiple fatalities but in the clown world we live in 2020 people doing what they have been doing their whole lives is now considered a major incident.

When the brainwashed Brits see the photoshopped images of the crowded beaches (making them look like the Haj was relocated to Bournemouth beach) in the newspapers many of them actually beg for government to close the beaches just like they begged to be locked down.

They are so brainwashed, dumbed down and operating at such a low level of consciousness they can't even see a problem with the fact that when they call for government to take away their freedoms it means I lose mine too. They are so dead inside that they will call me selfish if I bring the point up.

How can humanity still be at this level of consciousness? It's a joke.

What more can I say.

Have a good day in clown world. Where ever you are.

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