Assange will not be removed from the embassy. He will instead be "removed from the embassy".

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I found the article below my comments this morning on JimStone and it can be viewed at

There is a lot going on at the moment concerning Julian Assange after reports emerged of his impending handover to the UK authorities. Thousands of people are coming together in support and a discord room/server that was started last week to bring Assange supporters together managed to attract over a thousand members within a couple of days. For those interested, the server name is #UNITY4J and here is a invite link.

Although I have my suspicions about Assange and Wikileaks, I have nothing but admiration for those who devote their time (some devoting considerable amounts) to help him and try to prevent his extradition to the United States. I reproduce this article because I think it makes some interesting points but I want to make it clear that I am not in any way attacking Assange or the work of Wikileaks as there is no doubt that they have done a great service to mankind by releasing the information they have released over the years.

I have commented before, that if someone like @suzi3d (Suzie Dawson) for example who has met Assange before (I think), and who I believe is trustworthy, was able to meet Assange or visit him in the embassy and then report back and confirm that he was alive, it would make me feel a lot better about the situation. Unfortunately, she is not in a position to do be able to do this as she is living in exile in Russia where she is managing to take care of her family while somehow finding the time to produce excellent journalistic work and be one of the central figures supporting Julian.

For more info on Suzie, check out her Steemit intro post here

With that in mind, here is the article. Any comments or thoughts will be receieved with interest.

Assange will not be removed from the embassy. He will instead be "removed from the embassy".


I have frequently stated I do not make predictions, or do not like to make predictions. This time I will happily make a prediction, and say it is going to happen just like I said.


Assange has not been at the embassy since his "internet was cut" in 2016.
The Ecuadorian citizenship granting and revoking was just a ruse. If they really did give Julian Assange an Ecuadorian passport, he'd have slipped out during the night like anyone with any common sense would. That balcony is not too high to jump off of, he'd have easily circumvented the cops. But that's beside the point when his internet "got cut" within a few hours of Pamela Anderson bringing him a poison lunch. Who cares if she supposedly "returned", she's a deep state actor who would go to an empty embassy and fake it.
BOTTOM LINE: No balcony appearance equals no assange. He still has never stepped out on the balcony, which is something he'd do occasionally before. What made the big difference? Certainly having no internet would improve the chance he would, and not eliminate it. Ok, so that's the history. Here is what is going to happen now:

Ecuador is tired of the ruse. So they "want him out". Only, there's no Assange to be out. LOW AND BEHOLD, we have Assange "being released" right when there is video software being released where you can turn anyone into anyone via AI and produce fakes that can't be debunked. ONLY, they CAN be debunked, and I'll tell you how.

Here's the prediction part - the conditions under which Assange will be "expelled from the embassy":

  1. There will be no crowds and no witnesses from the general public.
    Having crowds and witnesses will require the production of hundreds of live videos from many many people from many many angles, all with their own distinct nature. Software can't do that yet. Perhaps it never will. so since software can't do that:

  2. Assange will be released "in the dead of night" and it will be announced "after he has been removed from the embassy". AT THAT POINT:

  3. We will get a video or photo of Assange in interrogation, and it will look real. They have enough video samples to know what he looks like. The actual video sessions will be of a real person, but the software will convert the appearance over to that of Assange. It will not be an animation script, it will be a real video where the appearance of Assange will simply be inserted via AI into a real, already existing interrogation video. It will look real.

  4. All videos and photos of assange will be released by "media that is not fake" and all of it will take place in closed controlled sessions to explain why no one from the outside ever posted their own cell phone video of Assange to Youtube or anywhere else. If there are any "cell phone videos", they will be staged, few in number, and not very clear.

Knowing how corrupt these people are, I would not put it past them to launch the career of a video blogger no one ever heard of who will be some sort of video hero, "to prove it is all real".

  1. At no point ever will Assange be paraded before a large gathering of the general public, who would be able to witness for themselves that he is real. If there are any videos from the "general public" released, it will be done with small tight groups that are within the realm of what could be accomplished cheaply and be kept a secret CLASSIC: There will likely be a video where reporters from the fake, controlled media eager to be paid well to front a lie are shouting questions at him, but the general public, aside from a few plants to fake it, won't be there.

  2. The court hearing will be a closed, controlled session with ONLY CONTROLLED MSM ALLOWED, not the general public. Once again, these people will happily front a fake for the deep state and fat pay. What they have done to Trump, ONLY TRUMP, as a single sole example (let alone the rest of their crap) proves it.

  3. Here's a thought: If assange is "expelled from the embassy" in front of the general public with a crowd present, he'll have his head in a bag. They could also fake a mask, but at that point it becomes complex. They probably won't, too much could go wrong. But a bag would definitely do the job. One major problem with a mask would be that the actor would actually still have to be just like Assange, and be able to fake his facial expressions and act like Assange. Assange was not generic, that job would not be an easy one, too many people will be able to point out that "the face physically looks similar, but Assange's personal expressions are not there," - his expressions will be those of someone else. So I doubt they will do a mask, but they might do a bag, IF they bother with doing anything at all, why bother with it when he can just be "taken without announcement THE WAY THEY DID IN A BLACK ARMORED VAN THAT PULLED UP TO THE EMBASSY, COMPLETELY BLOCKING THE DOOR FOR TWO HOURS, THE EXACT NIGHT AFTER PAMELA BROUGHT HIM A POISONED LUNCH.

They already got him out of there once, why fake him getting out of there? Just "show him in interrogation" and be done with it.

Do not forget: All the top people at Wikileaks died within a month of when Assange first "got his internet cut". There is no such organization anymore anyway. No one who was around when Assange supposedly got cut off from the world is now around to confirm if it is him or not, and the general public simply does not know him well enough. The deep state hated Wikileaks, all the originals are dead, and it would be foolhardy to believe Assange was not taken out with them.
Especially after the Pamela/black van/"suddenly no internet" episode.

Thanks for reading

Stay safe

Jim (me, not JimStone)

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