Another day. Another small victory against the COVID madness.

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It's Friday and although this is still a good thing, it isn't quite as good as it was 8 months ago when the weekend could have meant a trip to the cinema or a visit to a restaurant. In recent weeks more businesses have started to open up but it won't be the same.

Social distancing and other COVID rules and regulations mean that even the businesses that do open back up again will not be open for long. Getting your hair cut in salon filled with perspex screens and people wearing masks or going to the pub to sit on a table surrounded by perspex and not being able to start a random conversation with a stranger and sit next to them. Not for me.

The new normal is bullshit but sadly 85% of people not only accept it but actually believe all these measures are necessary. I keep trying to speak to people, to tell them that there is no evidence to back up the things they have been told or believe but most don't care or listen.

I did have a small victory the other day however and I'll take them whenever I can get them in the current climate.

I was shopping in M&S Food (a treat instead of the usual Lidl) and saw an old couple walking past me. The man already had his mask on but his wife was struggling to get hers over her ears and to stay on her face. I said to her "Ahhh don't bother putting it on. It isn't effective anyway and you look much better without it". (I thought I'd try a change of tactics). The lady smiled and stopped trying to put it on. A few minutes later I saw her again in a different isle and she still didn't have it on. I consider that a victory.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog soon with another small victory tale.

Thanks for reading


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