Agenda 2030 in 11 years. The "God of Chaos" asteroid due to hit in 2029 according to NASA. The name of the asteroid takes the biscuit yet ignorance reigns supreme.

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I found this little gem of a story yesterday and put it on Twitter and realised it was a waste of time because nobody sees it (even if I'm not shadowbanned nobody really sees it). I've not posted for a while because to be honest I am struggling with life and being surrounded by brainwashed ignorant people who think everything that is happening is an accident or random chance. Even the Epstein thing which should have been enough to wake up even the biggest believers in government and authority doesn't seem to have had much of an effect and I find myself being constantly disappointed when I try to speak to people about how the world really works because they simply cannot or will not acknowledge it. How much more fucked up can the world get before sufficient numbers of people come to their senses?

I'm starting to think that even if a video surfaced showing all the big global leaders like Trump, Merkel, Macron, Johnson etc sacrifcing a baby at an alter people would still find a way of ignoring or explaining it away. The amount of evidence that is out there to show how sick the world is and how sick the people are who run it is ridiculous, yet thanks to the controlled media and search engines and those who control what we see, hear and think, most remain ignorant and those that might start to feel something (perhaps a tiny fraction of the righteous anger that flows through my body) are quickly put back to sleep when they check their news feed or Facebook or attempt to get past level 300 on Candy Crush.

It's so bloody frustrating banging my head against a brick wall of ignorance.

Anyway, now that my rant is out of the way (I feel slighly better after writing those paragraphs) here's the story I was talking about.


Did you notice the name of the asteroid. 99942 Apophis and when it is due to arrive?

9+9+9+4+2 = 33

Agenda 2030 in 11 years and '99942 Apophis' due in 10.

The word 'Apophis' means.


It adds insult to injury that all this is coming from NASA (Never A Straight Answer).

They mock us continuously while laughing at how ignorant and brainwashed people are not to notice what has been and is happening under their noses and they love their numerology and symbolism too.

Will humanity raise their consciousness sufficiently before it is too late? Only time will tell but the way I see things right now based on the people around me, I don't have a great deal of confidence.

Thanks for reading

Stay safe



i hear your frustration friend, but maybe it's time to try a different tack and save your forehead a while?

  1. use humour wherever possible when pointing out errors and fakeness in their propaganda/ hoaxes/ false flags - there really is an endless amount of stupidity, contradictions and utter lies for us to take the piss out of. crisis actors laughing. two planes made three buildings fall down. reagan was a holly wood actor, trump a tv star first. war is peace. and on and on.

  2. use questions. rather than pointing out 'that's bollocks, they're lying' etc. - ask a pertinent question - be a columbo and get your friend/ family/ colleague to answer the question themselves - it will puzzle them usually, planting another seed..

  3. research more yourself. no matter how much i have learned over the last ten year, re-thinking everything i have been told and coming to staggering realisations about banking. history, government, religion, cosmology, and on and on. every time i fall down a huge rabbit hole and my perception changes i think 'wow, could anything be bigger than this ? and yes, yes it can.

if you're finding you're getting angry and people are avoiding you, you might want to lighten up - it's better to know and not say, than be the person who says a lot whom every one then assume knows nothing.

you mentioned nasa and their pretend asteroid. if this illustration intrigues you i have an interesting video for you. if you've seen this before and/ or know exactly what i'm talking about, no worries.



more detail here -

You had me up until the 'space is a meme' argument. In truth, it doesn't matter if space is a meme. What matters is that evil people have gained power via parasitizing the rest of us, and that ability to parasitize us is ending because we're becoming able to produce goods ourselves using decentralized means of production like 3D printers.

When they can't parasitize us anymore, we'll be free of their evil.

As to space being a meme, do you doubt that 'the heavens themselves declare the glory of God.'? Do you doubt the prophets and promises of eternal life of peace and joy in those heavens?

I don't, and I don't even believe God was made of meat.

Physics, the rules established that run the world, aren't subject to the whims of evil overlords, and are enabling us to ignore their lies and make our own stuff. I see this eventually erodes the power of evil overlords until they are no longer an issue and good people can do what is right for the peace and prosperity of their posterity.

The prophets and I agree, despite coming to the same conclusion from different questions.

Some rabbit holes are illusions. When you find you're in a rabbit hole that's a hallucination, or lie, get out and go to things you know are true and real. Liars lie. When we realize we have been lied to, the only solution is to refuse to believe the lie and go back to what we know to be true.

Space is real.

i'm not quite sure where you're at -= do you believe the bible is the word of God and Truth or not?

no one is going to live in heaven or the heavens, that's not what the bible says.

and yes, the heavens do declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork, no one is denying magnificent lights up there, as described in gen 1:14. there's no vast outer space and we're not on a spinning ball though - that's neither anywhere in the bible nor anywhere to be sensed in our physical reality.

and man is not going to be his own saviour. we get the rulers we deserve, and the new world order tyranny will happen (for 3.5 years or less.)

"man is not going to be his own saviour."

I'm confused. Aren't you a Christian?

why would that confuse you? it's only the babylonian religion, which elevates man to God status, when he is clearly nothing of the sort. you know the religion, you see it every where - every time someone takes a selfie or makes a vlog of their head talking away. every religion that preaches the path to redemption/ nirvana etc. is through works, through his own good deeds, or lives spent learning lessons;

it's all about man - God is somewhere in the background, being an eager genie for people's vanities. or else they hold the 3-God babylonian idea - Father, Mother, Child. it is true that christianity stole this from pagan babylon - because it is not a biblical doctrine at all. the roman church descended from rome, egypt and babylon. this is why there are something like 3500 denominations.

so my comment that man is not going to be his own saviour is perfectly in line with the word of God, which says it is only through God's mercy, intelligence and love that we can be saved to eternal life on a new earth.

i don't know if any of that answers your question. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour of all mankind, to any and all who want to throw themselves on His mercy, confess your sins to God, and repent to live a more Godly life than the mire we were wallowing in before. probably no, i'd say - most churches would possibly attack me physically for stating these words of the bible to them.

ps - watch this if you haven't yet:

spot on about the smart cities and peoples' enslaved future; disagree with you about cannabis - stupid people gonna stupid, smart people get creative.

not that it matters; the only thing that's important is making sure you have somewhere to exist for up to 3.5 years once this is all up and running and they have a digital currency system up and running some time after the great crash of '20.

automated cars, full internet surveillance and controlled thought, speech and behaviour - you'll either be part of it or fully, completely off grid. peace.

that was supposed to be a link...

go here and it should work -

I have no confidence in many people. I have some confidence in some few, and great confidence in very few. It is good to note that the American Revolution was won by about ~10% of the colonists. Most were loyalists. Many didn't take a position. The few that did won.

Moral courage and indomitable will is something far more powerful than arms, money, or hordes of savage killers, as England found out in the late Eighteenth Century.

Teach them as can learn, reckon what you can know, and do as you can. Note that after the American Revolution, even the loyalists to the crown thereafter raised sons loyal to the American Republic, for the most part. Sheep follow power, not reason. Note also that ~10k people rule the world today, a miniscule number, and if just 10% of the people they lord over act to prevent them from ruling, they will be powerless against the horde (about 700 million rebels today) and the world order will change.

If Apophis hits, it won't kill life on Earth. Apophis is about 300M across, per your statement. That's a lot smaller than the impact that took out the dinosaurs, and it won't take out the ecosystem that supports human life. IMHO, Agenda 2030 is the larger threat. However, we don't need government programs to oppose government corruption. We can see what government does to protect itself all too clearly in the Epstein case. Government is a vector for corruption first and foremost.

What we need is to get rid of political power, and that has not been possible heretofore.

It is now, or becoming possible now, as the massive concentration of wealth has been grossly magnified by the industrial revolution and capital intensive factories mass producing luxury and other goods. Today across all industries decentralization of the means of production is the cutting edge of technological advance, reversing the capitalization flow by reversing the industrial mechanism from mass production to bespoke production of luxury and other goods.

The more advanced technology is the faster it disperses. The more advanced technology is the more it empowers individuals over institutions. The institutional advantage is seemingly massive today, but it is smaller than it has ever been. Facial recognition tech, for example, is brand new, and hasn't even been implemented across tyrannical police states yet, but already we have examples of it being available to individuals (recently an app was released that enabled comparisons between social media and porn).

As 3D printing, aquaponics, CRISPR, mesh networks, cryptocurrency, and AI continue to be developed and dispersed the advantage of being able to produce your own bespoke goods yourself will continue to become easier to seize, and more powerful to resist parasitization, the only thing that enables overlords to rape our kids at will.

Physics determines what technology is possible, and the laws of physics can't be amended or repealed by corrupt politicians. The natural law of the universe is what actually rules this world, not the immorality of vampires and their lies. As AI makes these decentralized means of production easier to use, and continued development makes them able to create more and better goods and services, folks wanting to keep the issue from their labor will adopt them more and more, and parasites will get less and less.

Sooner or later, we'll cure parasitism, and be free - about the time that space travel becomes available to our kids and grandkids, I reckon. Once we take off into the wild yonder, there will be no way to get us to stay in corrals where we can be milked for the benefit of overlords, no police will be able to catch up and collect taxes, no corruption can force us to come back from our free travels and claims of new possessions.

Before that dispersal across the heavens with complete autonomy and luxurious quality of goods is completely available to us at our sole option, things will get worse here on Earth, in the grip of the parasitic social disease we now suffer. Death, destruction, and deprivation will terribly impact many before the cure. However, unless the parasite kills the host - which kills itself - the parasite will eventually be killed as the host becomes first resistant, and then immune to parasitization.

Buckle up, buckaroo. It's gonna be a wild ride.


Thanks for the great reply and sorry it has taken me so long to reply to it !!
I really like your take on things because it is a positive way of looking at the situation which is refreshing for me because I have become more jaded as I have journeyed down the rabbit hole and realise just how messed up things are on planet earth. The main issue I have is that although I agree with your points I fear things are not going to happen fast enough and I am going to have to watch my children suffer until the big things happen that are required for humanity to break out of slavery.

It is indeed going to be a wild ride

Thanks again for taking the time to comment


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