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Most days feel like an episode of “days of our lives” lately… consisting primarily of the same repetitive shit, spiced up with some emotionally overwhelming drama and a bit of psycho crisis for the sake of perspective!- As the days roll from one into the next I am truly beginning to sympathize with the likes of a lab rat.

Yes, there is plenty humour to fill in the dark spaces which so frequently seem to occupy our "mindless minds" of late – but really speaking, it all gets old – real fast.

Except this…

...For a little background… the female voice featured in this video is Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma – our ex-presidents, ex-wife… the one who reversed the permission of tobacco sales announced by the president himself. We won’t mention her ties in the illegal tobacco trade, nor that of Zuma’s son...

…This ZOL is not going anywhere lol, and last time I checked was ranked at no. 9 or something stupid on iTunes! A brilliant gap in the market grasped, but even hearing that woman’s voice makes me want to grab a fncking fork and stick it where it hurts!

Meltdown material I tell ya!

…Got to love South African humour! We are resilient bunch of mofo’s… that’s for sure. Lol!

You had a meltdown yet? No? Lucky you! - I have!

Quite frankly I think I needed it!

Made me remember that I am actually a fncking human being and not just a pawn.

PAWN…. Hmmm…

I never did well with teachers or authorities, so I guess it is no surprise that I am not swallowing this situation very well.

I could join this group, or that – but none of them actually do anything other than whinge and whine… admittedly, some of them do it really well… ESPECIALLY in AFRIKAANS!


To my mind they are all “piss in the wind” power trips because “standing together as one” in 50 different spaces with 500 different opinions and 100 different instructions for each ultimately leaves us precisely where we are…. DIVIDED!

Even our primary opposition can’t get shit done - so I am left yet gain, uninspired!

At this stage (and I forget which actual fncking number we are) - I have come to the conclusion of three simple words...




In WHAT democracy do you get to tell people what they can or cannot wear?! I recall a girl I crossed paths with when I was nothing more than a wet behind the ears little twat - she wore the symbol of anarchy proudly on her t-shirt, no doubt by way of acrylic or spray paint - but did she even know what true anarchy (outside of her "anti-parental" rebellion) consisted of?

Unlikely, but believe it or not, she is still a "friend" of mine on fb and still very much a free spirit... still speaking her mind, breaking the rules and being precisely whoever the hell she pleases to be.

We sit in a position so ridiculously choked by dictatorship that the term "anarchy" from a "people's perspective" has become a simple symbol of freedom. It's a fucking white daisy by comparison to the barbarism with which we have all unwillingly shacked up with!


and the saddest part of all, is that nobody has the courage to stand up - together.

"Together"... such a controversial word here in South Africa... simply because the people of our present, continue to stew hatred from our past.

This will forever be our weakness...

UNLESS, we remember how to stand as one... and we CAN do it, we just need complete fucking disaster to prompt us to that point of bloody action... but we have done it more than once and we can do it again!

Remember this?










I do! And that line of people stretched from Simonstown RIGHT through to central Cape Town! That is close to 50km of people! Thousands upon thousands of people - race irrelevant, stood together and resonated a united message, which at the time was #ZUMAMUSTFALL - and need I remind you...


We are being bullied right now
and we NEED to stand up!!!!!!!

They are killing our spirits with fear,
only to benefit their greater plan and wallets!

Power is a game of numbers and WE have the numbers...
when we stand

...Put the past behind us once and for all... (because lets be honest, it's getting FUCK long in the tooth)... and work TOGETHER against a common enemy... our GOVERNMENT!

What say you?!

I say,




Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


Yes! What a pleasure to hear someone say all this. This madness will only stop when we stop allowing it.

Sooooo sick of people that just cannot get away from the past - yes sure know your history but move forward - Jeez holding a grudge and punishing people who had nothing to do with it all is idiotic and just excuses to hide behind.

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