Broken Kola Magic

in blog •  last year

My Kola broke off and instead of throwing her away I decided to let her enjoy her last days a young sweet 2 week old flower.

Here is what I did:

Glass Pickle Jar (I use them for cups)
Filled 3/4 with water from faucet (All I had at the moment, dont 🔫)
July 9th incident happens/put kola in cup of water set on floor of grow tent
Forgot about until the 30th (Current Plants are 4ft tall)
To my surprise the water level hadn't changed much but now I have roots

My main question: Leave in same glass with water treat like hydro or plant in soil?

Thanks for any ideas because i didnt use any toner on the plant but she strives to survive. Go Mary!! image

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You should put it back in the soil, won't last long with just water.
Those roots look strong!


Im going to do that exact thing today, I've decided to crop the buds off and throw her back in veg. Thanks for your advice!

My man is doing a wonderful grow can't wait to reep what he sowed!!! Upvoted and resteemed!!


You keep me striving to be the best I can be its only right i grow whats best for us. #RJ4E

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