Motivation Article #11 Mentors worth it?

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Is it worth paying 1k a month for a mentor?

100% yes without a doubt it's worth it. I will answer why and how the value will come. This came to me one I was listening to a podcast. I never really thought of it and now that I thought it over I'm going to pull the trigger on this. As always I'll try my best to keep it generic so everyone can use this in their field. Let's get into this, shall we?

The first question is will this have a great ROI or even an ROI? Think about it like this. If they mentor you for 1k a month that's 12k a year to learn something whos been in the industry longer than you. They can teach you tricks and tips to exceed and develop a higher rank in the company or your company. If they mentor 20 other people the chances are, that the value is given.

Why is it worth it? Let's say you're in the sales industry and you only make 40k a year. 12k is a lot but what if they can make your numbers 90k a year. The thing is you aren't the best and someone will always be better than you. Pay that 12k and learn things that will take you 10 years to learn in 1. Not only do you have that value but you will make a killing and everyone will want to choose you. That 1 year alone will pay off over the rest of your life. You can absorb all that info in the first year use it, and change it as you go on. Maybe even mentor others and then you can make 12k a year per client. You can learn from them as well.

Who will be a good mentor? Look up online do hours of research. People can talk all they want but numbers trump all. A good mentor will call you 30 minutes daily in order to see if you actually are performing. If you pay and don't change anything then sales weren't meant for you. Many people in sales stick to what they know. You will need to adapt over the years in order to be the best.

Keeping articles short unfortunately since work is picking up and I post once every few days as suppose to daily 3-4 times a day.

Is it worth it in your industry?

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