How's everyone doing? — Steemit

How's everyone doing?

in blog •  4 months ago

Hey Guys!

Haven't been around these parts in a long time, in steemit time anyway.

How's everyone been, what's new on Steemit?

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Welcome back! Are you here to stay? There's been a lot changing. Bernie Sanders is back in the land of positive reputation, there's no more Jerry Banfield, and posts that have purchased votes dominate the trending page.

I've found a lot of really great new people to follow on the platform, and the quality of most of the content is improving.

There's still a fair bit of spam to fight your way through if you decide to delve into the pits of "new" for your chosen tags, but I think Steem is starting to grow up, with more and more applications using the blockchain.

Dlive and Dtube are huge now, and aggroed has been working on steemmonsters, which is now live!

There's lots of exciting stuff going on!


HF20 on Sept 25, lots of good stuff in that, fingers crossed for SMTs soon after.


Good question, 'am I here to stay' I'm not sure! I'll look around a bit :)

Even i just come here after a while to hang around whats going on! So whats up buddy?

Hi @jamtaylor, welcome back! Not much has been going on.. steem has been going down in price, we just had hardfork 20 (of which one of the bigger changes is that you can comment every 3 seconds now instead of every 20!) and grumpycat seems to have disappeared.

Plenty of other dramas have been going around as usual, but things have been a little quieter than usual here due to steem being so low just now.

Personally I am good, soldiering on building steem and posting photography :)

How are you and where have you been the last few months? Your presence has been missed! :)


I'm sure there's always a good number of dramas to be had!

Good on you for sticking it out through the down times.

I've been here and there, different focuses, and run out of inspiration pretty much. Maybe I'll have something to share soon.


Yeah, the dramas will always be there. It sounds like you've been dealing with classic burnout. I hope you find your inspiration, I look forward to seeing your future posts :)

I find that I am here and then gone, then always back again. It isn't because I don't love the block chain, it's just life man. Even as a professional writer, I have a hard time writing these days... let alone for my own personal reasons. The last year has been a tough one indeed, but I am scraping by.

Welcome back. Some airdrops maybe you missed out.
Next big thing is probably HF20 near my birthday. :


I'll read up on HF20 and see what's new!


One thing i am expecting is able to comment and reply without the 20sec restriction because i type fast 😎

Hey, I haven't seen that name in my feed for awhile. Welcome back!


Hey @donkeypong, it's been a while for sure. Hope all's well.

Hey hey!! You back?!


I'm not sure haha, just checking in.

Nice to see that you peeked back in!

Hi, nice post! Do you plan going on Steemfest)

A lot of good authors still don't get mentioned.