The Friendly Rants of my Sheepdog Part 1

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A year in the life of a sheepdog who waits at home for his master and takes care of 3 stuffed rabbits who get into trouble!

(Pictures and Content are all original) Please tell me what you think as I work on this project and hopefully get it published! Thanks community!


May 1: Welcome
Good Morrow to all ye chaps and chapesses!
My name is Sheepdog. I live in my Master’s house, along with a few hyperactive bunnies. I enjoy tea and crumpets, but the bunnies (as you shall see) enjoy cookies and playing Parcheesi at all hours. This will be a relatively quiet book as I am a relatively quiet sheepdog. I shall invite others to see my ramblings when I get around to rambling about something worth rambling about.

May 30: Those Blinking Lights!
Good (yip) MOOOrning fellow mammals!
My master came home today carrying on about a small black box where the lights were all blinking the wrong colors (end of the world, right?). He is a computer person by trade, and quite the good host. He puts up with the bunnies like any of us, the best he can. He doesn’t understand the intricate relationships and the going-ons in the house quite like us Creatures, but in all he’s a decent human. He likes his chair and his phone, which are his comforts.
I prefer the grass outside amongst the trees, the almost non-existent wind, and clouds that hang overhead.
Hmm, I should probably help with that silly box. Maybe licking it will help? Oh, sorry Master - Sheepdog grin

sheepdog 1.jpg
June 14: The Year begins
(Or how it all started)
I find it hard to believe that so many movies ALL came out in the same year! As the sheepdog in residence, I feel it my duty to keep the household Creatures up to date on what their masters have watched and will watch.
Why, movies such as-- Auugh! (this chapter has been stolen by Blue bunny!)

Good day reader don’tcha know! Why, all bunnies LOVE movies! And snacks, you can’t forget snacks! Did you know that if you add a little oil to a pan, turn it to medium, wait five minutes, and add corn kernels, you can make HOMEMADE POPCORN?!!

Blue bunny: “What a revelation, chap! Let’s make some more!”
Pop Pop*
Brown Bunny: “All over the floor!? This is fantastic!” Munch! “Ok, Blue bunny, make more. Grey Bunny, eat the flying ones and I’ll hicc! take the ground. It shall be a salty battle of seasoned corn, one for the ages!”
Sheepdog: “Bunnies, please, I can make you all popcorn… oh, what’s the use? If you can’t beat them join them!” scarf, snack, munch!sheepdog 2.jpg
July 6: Grey Days
(Or on that boredom that sneaks up between a mundane day and a slightly sad day)
Sometimes, a day just is grey. You curl up on the grass near your kennel and it starts to rain. Woof, and now no sunbeam to fall asleep to. However, in these days, some ray of sunshine always manages to shine through. My masters fed me hot chocolate this morning, and brought me to work with them. :) We didn’t play catch, but I got to ride in the car for a few errands. Which was fun. Besides that, I hear a party of some form is going on this weekend. And parties are always fun. If you’re feeling grey, find something to look forward to, and also something to look back on and smile about.

sheepdog 3.jpg

July 13: Clouds
(not to be confused with clowns)
As I wake up and roll over to what used to be eggshell blue sky, a thick blanket of clouds hangs all around. Although the nights are warmer, the days have cooled off by a solid 15 degrees. The wind is blowing, waving the leaves on the trees as if saying good morning to all around. I suppose clouds are a necessary part of the Oregon skyline, but I do hope they burn off soon. I have a pool party to get to.
My master is putting together a murder mystery party soon. I am excited to dress up as Sir Henry Watkins, but master may have other plans. He let me in on a teaser for what he has planned.
The scene:
Picture a large yacht. Guests have arrived to enjoy a wonderful evening dinner party aboard. Cocktails and fancy food in abundance. At the stroke of 10:00pm, an exquisite diamond will be presented and auctioned off to one of the guests.
Of course, that guest, or another guest may perish before the night is over! Ack! this is an intense plotline! I’ll stick to that pool party, thank you very much.
As always,
Woof! ~
sheepdog 4.jpg

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