The Friendly rants of a Sheepdog Part 2

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July 20: Memory – What’s that?
(Or, on not losing your memory while trying to sustain a semblance of normalcy)
I'm losing my mind! Yip, yip! I seem to be spending so much time learning at school and work (sheepdog school, in case you were wondering) that I am always forgetting things. Ask the bunnies, I seem to forget anything that's not nailed down, even my share of the floor treats. Oh yes, when master is away, we Creatures have rules. I get a full 50% of what lands on the ground. The bunnies share the other 50% in what seems to be a fluid understanding with several therefores and whatnots.
Yet, I am working on my dog philosophy degree and can quote famous philosophers for hours. Such as “Ahh to be a dog, enjoy the fullness of scrape scrape
I say, what was that sound? I think I shall just peek into the kitchen to see what is going on. Well hello, Master! Is that cookie dough on the spoon I see? plop You are too kind. lick
Munches happily Oh dear, Blue bunny heard me. And there goes Brown bunny from the ceiling into the bowl. Was the cannon ball into the batter really necessary? It was? Oh, well, silly me.
5 minutes later Ah, fat and happy! I suppose I need to just spend more time laying in the grass staring at the clouds, and let my crowded mind have some peace and quiet. Well, I've been doing that a bit the last few days around a pool (humans are so noisy, though!) and it's been helpful for my thinking. For example, I noticed all the hair in my eyes. I am a sheepdog after all, but maybe it’s time for a bit of a trim.

sheepdog 5.jpg

July 27: Glass
(Or that uncomfortable feeling when too much of you runs into something that doesn’t move)
Yip Yip! Welcome to something dogs run into if it is too shiny to see through. Cats often run into glass as well.
Some have said glass is a liquid. Others classify it as a solid. Dear me, science is rather fluid on their definitions, aren’t they? Something about the fact that old glass is thicker at the bottom than the top, but that may be intended that way. The glass I run into seems solid enough. ouch
However, I hear that Google once made some glasses with no glass. Confused? It's a pair of glasses that have a small camera and microphone attached to them. They record movements and sounds from a person’s point of view. Now, of course, we have much more complicated boxes with screens.
As a sheepdog, I know a thing or two about glass. Glass is a word that can mean windows, mirrors, technology, or a cup. And two, it certainly seems to be solid (just look at the bruise on the poor Grey Bunny’s head). Poor fellow, saw his reflection, and thought he made a new friend.
Don’t worry, I referred him to chapter 1, which delighted the little thing to no end. He thinks he’s famous now that he saw his name in a book!

sheepdog 6.jpg

August 4: Atoms
(Or a Sheepdog looks at the smallest things in the universe and stifles a yawn)
Woof! Woof! Woof! How many atoms did it take to write this sentence? Nope, I don’t know either, but IBM just made the world's smallest movie, using only about 100 individual atoms to create a simple picture of a boy playing with an atom. In terms of movie storage, using new technology, it may be possible that an iPhone could hold enough data to hold every movie ever produced.
A powerful microscope operating at negative 280 degrees C keeps the atoms still. The scientists use a super tiny probe to move the atoms one by one, and take a still image of each picture. using stop motion. In this way, they created a full movie.
A small Atom finds a boy, who dances with his Atom. The atom turns into a trampoline which the boy jumps on. The Atom then flies into the sky and spells Think, IBM.
We may one day be able to hold so much information that the contents of the entire digital world can be contained in the size of one SD Card!
Well, straight atom I always say!
Time for my nap,

sheepdog 7.jpg

August 11: On Rain
(Or a shaggy soppy Sheepdog gets stopped at the door)
Rain can be very refreshing, and really helps with the air quality after a couple of weeks of hot sun. After the rain knocks the hot air and fumes out, the air smells fresh, and the landscape is greener. The grass is still too wet to roll around in, but my master promised to take me to the pool this afternoon! I'm looking forward to a bit of doggy paddling, and then stretching out to dry while my master sits in what he calls a "hot-tub." Why humans like the contraption is clueless to me, I hate hot water. Warm water is fun, but only for so long, then I need to dry out.
It is rather boring lately; my master has to work late today and he said something about picking up food on the way home. Alas, I shall have to be patient and wait for another hour. I guess I will go join the bunnies’ poker game (I think the blue one cheats, though).

sheepdog 8.jpg

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