Neri’s Ville Selfie Corner: Bali, Indonesia and New Zealand's Hobbit House-Inspired in Cebu!

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An Insta-worthy place to visit!

The newest attraction in Brgy.Lusaran ,Talamban Pit-os ,Cebu City. Amazing nature and eye-catching view that you will definitely adore!
Inspired by Bali Indonesia and New Zealand's Hobbit House. 😍


Main entrance


✔Entrance : 50pesos
✔Operating hrs: 8AM-7PM,Mon-Sundays
🚫No Overnight accomodations yet
🚫Contact #: Not yet available


It features some "instagrammable photos" to help build your ultimate feed goals while enjoying nature's fresh air and breathtaking scenery.


Say hello to my cute model ❤





I'm with my son, he is also enjoying the place




Here, you could have endless selfies and get the most stunning views of the mountain.
This place is less than 6km southwest of Danao City and just 10 min ride north to Sirao Garden via Cebu Transcentral Highway. If you are coming from Cebu City, travel time is only one hour to the north by private transport,jeepney, and habal-habal (motorcycle for rent with driver)




Neri's Ville is the place that is primarily designed for selfie enthusiasts. Perfect for pre-nup, modeling and photography shots! However, some of its attractions are still under construction.

🚗How to get there:

✔Take 62 route jeepneys from the city going to Pit-os
✔From Pit-os jeepney stop,tske a habal-habal
✔Distance from Pit-os to this place is around 18km
✔Fare is 80php per person (one-way)
🚗For those going with personal means of transportation, you can easily find the place because there are directions along the way

🚩You can bring your own food or snacks, you can also have fresh buko juice because they are selling it and many more.

Neri's Ville Selfie Corner offers refreshing attraction away from the hustle bustle of the city that you will surely fall inlove with.

Leave no trace but love, fun and embrace the beauty of nature

❤Thank you for reading 😃

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