the martis of alucard heavy rivals in mobile legend

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imagehy friend steemit this time I will discuss about hero fighter that is. new hero martis launched in mobile legend.
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Weakness and How to Beat and Fight against Hero Martis

Due to Hero Martis which is a Hero Fighter being a Hero who has a high Damage Skill, can say OP, which makes this Hero become a heavy challenger Hero Alucard. Therefore, did not rule out this Hero has a weakness that can be opposed and defeated easily. How to beat and fight the Hero Martis is not easy. Because, before wanting to fight and beat must know first the weakness of this Hero Martis. I need to remind you that Hero Martis is currently in Advance server and soon or maybe March 20-25, 2018 Hero Martis will be released and released on Global or Original Server image
If you happen to play Mobile Legends game to meet with Hero Martis, then you have to do to face Martis one of them is to choose Hero that has equal damage, like Hero Alucard, Zilong, and Hero Argus. But this way can only be applied in Draftpick Mode, because we can see the Hero in use by the opponent. Unlike the Classic and Rangked Mode that we do not know what Hero is in use by the opponent.
As I said earlier, if you want to fight and defeat Hero Martis, first know the weaknesses and shortcomings of this Hero Martis. And the disadvantages are as follows.

The weakness of Mobile Legends Hero Martis

Weak at the beginning of the game, and should always FarmingBasic Attack and his Passive Skill can not add Damage.

Actually, this Hero Martis has not many weaknesses, just a lot of the advantages of this New Hero Martis.

Then, How to Fight and Beat this Hero Martis? image

To fight and defeat Hero Martis, you should not be arbitrary in the attack, must be with the right time. Here are easy ways you can beat and meler Hero Martis.
1.Use two Hero (Tank and Mage)
2.Use Hero Marksman (Priority Hero Lesley)
3.If the duel is one vs one, Use Freya Hero, Alucard, Zilong and Argus
4.Attack Martis When His Ultimate Skill is Used.
maybe that is some way to defeat martis


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