Pros and Cons of Uranus Mobile Legend Hero

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imageUranus Mobile Legend will most likely be one of the favorite tank list of Mobile Legend players. The reason is because he has a very unique ability, especially on his passive ability that can make Uranus regen HP every time he receives enemy attack.
But it's not just his passive skill that turns out Uranus is unique, but there is still another ability that is certainly very useful to menjadikkan him as a tanker with a very thick defense.
And the most make this hero is superior to other heroes in other role tankers is in terms of appearance.
Can you see how the picture of this hero .. Very cool is not it, hehe .. image
Basically every hero Mobile Legend has its own uniqueness, including also Uranus which I have mentioned above.
Having their own unique, also has advantages and disadvantages.
Uranus though spelled out a tank that GG, but he still has shortcomings that you may need to know if you want to become a user Uranus later.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Uranus Mobile Legend Hero?
Here is the list:
Many Have Skill Protection
Skill 2 Can Be Used To Escape
Able to Mengnci Carry Enemy With Easy
Easy to Control
Boros Mana
Boros Mana
Ultimate Only For Lock 1 Hero
Radiance: Uranus absorbs the energy generated from the attack aimed at it, to strengthen itself, to produce 3-10 HP per second, for each stack for 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times. The number of stack that can be collected will increase to stack at level, and stack at level.
Ionic Orbit: Uranus releases 2 sphere energy orbiting around it, giving 125 (+30% total masgic power) magic damage to the opponent, while reducing their physical attack and magic power by 15%, and their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Each stack of Radiance will increase the damage given by 3%. Any sphere energy can only inflict a one-time damage to the same target
Transcendent Ward: Uranus produces a shield of energy that can absorb up to 400 (+ 200% toral magic power) damage for 4 seconds, and gives it immunity to the slow effect, and increases movement speed by 30%. When destroyed or when the time is up, the shield will give 300 (+ 150% total magic power) magic damage
Consecration (Ultimate): Uranus releases the energy that has been stored in his body to make the targeted targeted hero immobilized, delivering 150 magic damage (+80 total magic power), and collecting 6 stacks of Radiance. After making the enemy unable to move for a moment, Uranus will pull himself, and the target approaches, giving 300 (+ 160% total magic power) magic damage image
Well for the rest about the use and role of Uranus hero this, then here I will give a way on how the function rather than the ability of Uranus to be utilized to the fullest.
Use Skill 2 For Fast Moving Lane
Be the Tank That always protects the team
Use Ultimate Uranus To Target Enemy Carry
Use Uranus Combo 2 - 3 - 1


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