excess hero angela in mobile legend

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imageAngela's presence in Mobile Legends is expected to bring meta changes so that hero election will be more diverse. His unique ability and cute appearance make people instantly fall in love with this hero. But that does not mean Angela is a hero
overpowered yes! If you buy it, find out the following advantages and disadvantages.
Have Control effect And Heal
As a hero support, Angela was created with a good utility that is healer as well as ganker. Skill
Her Love Waves can injure enemy heroes with additional effects image
slow as well as healing HP with a large enough area and quite sick damage. Not to mention his Puppet-on-a-String skill that keeps the enemy immobile for a while.
Lively Support
Although he does not have the ability to escape, Angela equipped with passive skills that make it able to move faster after using the skill. More cool again, his passive effect also gives effect to the hero friends who have been possessed Angela.
Still Can Use Skill When Being In Hero Comrades
One of the main advantages Angela as a support is her Heartguard that can protect hero friends from anywhere as well as make it move. Angela also can still use all of his skills despite being in the hero friends. image
Magic Damage High enough
Usually a hero support can not produce good damage to the enemy hero because his job as a support is to protect his friend's hero. But Angela is not so because she is one of the heroes that can produce high damage, that is when the enemy is hit 5
the Love Waves stack is then subject to final damage from his Puppet-on-a-String. If the enemy is exposed to this skill combination at the initial level, it is certain he will die easily.