deficiencies and advantages of hero lesley in mobile legend

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imagePros and Cons of Hero Lesley Mobile Legends - Already buy the latest mobile heroes marksman legends? Yes Lesley is available on the original server from 9 January and you can buy for 32000 BP or 599 diamond. Lesley is a legend's mobile marksman hero with the look of her hair in a bundle wearing a blue shirt and is a kaka of her previous harley hero that is harley. If yesterday I have discussed about the skills of hero lesley and also build the right item for the latest hero marksman, this time I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of hero lesley where if you already know what the advantages of this lesley you can use it to maximize you in using hero lesley, and if you know what the weakness of hero lesley you can use to be able to face this hero lesley, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of hero Lesley mobile legends? image
Excess Hero Lesley

  1. Super Long Range Jagoan
    He has a very long range, very difficult to escape from his attacks, this hero is very good for poking and push tower
  2. Moderately High Mobility
    With his 1st skill he moves lane quickly including chasing / escaping from enemy attacks
  3. Very Easy to play around
    Because the range is far, suitable for who likes to scoop and play hit & run
  4. High Damage
    Not only the additional range, the passive skill also provides a substantial damage damage of 120% damage with the possibility of generating a critical 35%, when combined with physical attack addition items and critical damage such as Berserer's Fury Lesley could reduce the enemy's HP by half by one time shots, not only that when using Master of Camouflage he also get additional physical attack big enough
    Lack of Lesley Hero
  5. No CC skills
    Only pure gives burst damage to opponents
  6. Do not have mass burst damage
    All the ability of his attacks can only be single target so indeed this hero like assassin specialist killing enemies one by one
  7. The vulnerable Hero of CC image
    Since skill 1 can not protect against area and CC attack, it is necessary to be careful when teamfight / war, because it is very easy to be shouted if it is engage / CC from opponent, its skill range is very short (even too short) unlike clint that can immediately keep the distance we have to direct the grenade with fitting so that the enemy mentally back and can escape safely
  8. It depends on the item
    It is basically all marksman must depend on the build item, this hero also has a slow attack speed so it will take a long time if we are farming without the help of passive skills
    Well that's some advantages and disadvantages of Lesley Mobile Legends Hero

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