advantages and disadvantages of jawhead hero in mobile legend

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imageJawhead Mobile Legends is good, but do not be sorry to buy it because you do not know all the advantages and disadvantages.
Despite being one of the must-have heroes in Mobile Legends, it does not mean Jawhead is a perfect hero without the gaps that can be played by everyone. If you want to buy it, you must first understand all the advantages and disadvantages in the following game so there is no regret wrong buy later.
Hero One Best One image
With all the combination of his very sadistic skill, Jawhead is the best fighter hero in a one-on-one condition against both hero mage, fighter and
marksman. Two control effects from
Ejector skill and Unstoppable Force make anyone will not be able to escape from Jawhead pursuit.
High Damage Of All
Skill And Basic Attack
Thanks to his passive skills, Jawhead can generate higher damage to the enemy through basic attack
each time it generates damage to the enemy. Not to mention if he is equipped with attack speed enhancing items, Jawhead could have finished off a tank hero for a few seconds only. All his skills also have high damage, especially if one on one.
Can Easily Pursuit Enemies
The Unstoppable Force is a
ultimate can make Jawhead easily pursue enemies who want to escape far enough distance. Coupled with a combination of Ejector and Smart Missiles, the enemy hero will die first before he could run from Jawhead pursuit.
Hero Helper Near Initiator.
Some hero initiators have a close enough distance to use their skills like Tigreal or Minotaur so they mostly use Flicker to overcome them. Fortunately now Jawhead is here to help their roles so that the Flicker spell battle can be replaced by others like Heal, Petrify or Aegis.
Need the Right Position When Using Ejector
Ejector does make Jawhead can throw the unit in the direction intended, both friends and opponents. But it takes the right Position and experience in using it so as not to harm the team members themselves.
Is not it funny if you suddenly throw Tigreal enemies who hold Purify to your team flock and make it easy to launch Implosion and Sacred Hammer?
Tends to Weak in Team Figh image
Jawhead is very strong when faced with one-on-one conditions, but he is fairly weak in the team fight. The main reason is because Smart Missiles attack the unit
random and Ejectornya can only throw one hero only. When he suddenly entered without being able to touch the dealer hero damage
enemy, Jawhead will die in vain.