advantages and disadvantages of hero odette in mobile legend

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imageOdette Mage Strongest? Here's the Pros and Cons of Odette Mobile Legends: Buddy Recently mobile legends is releasing a new hero with the type of hero mage named Odette. But the hero is still on Advance Server. Because hero odette is newly released so skill and ability is still not stable. What is overpower? yes maybe with a imageparticular build of this hero can overpower. With the presence of this hero how the fate of the other hero mage? is it abandoned? whether odette can replace other frequently used mage positions such as eudora, aurora and harley? What is the strength of odette itself? Yes all the answers will admin below. Check out all about this one hero.
Odette rewarded 599 diamonds or 32,000 BP. Yes quite expensive for new players because of the difficulty of finding BP. So you should think before buying a hero whether the hero is worth buying at a very expensive price it. And also very much hero mage is indispensable in the fight like aurora and eudora. So in my opinion this hero is not so necessary for my friend who already have a hero mage. But for those who do not have a mage hero according to the good buddy admin to try this one hero. But what I know this hero is not more powerful than the other hero mage. Perhaps because it is not stable and certainly this hero will be buffed or changed again. Why did I say that? because the skill is not very useful for the fight either one on one or the battle team. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this one hero odette? here is the translation.
Yes skill first and second odette very inconvenient is the first slow enemy with ill demage and also skill both of which stun enemy in some time and of course sick too. And its ultimatum area in wide range makes the enemy difficult to gang up for it admin stating that odette was able to play solo on one line despite his enemy two heroes at once. And also the ultimate of odette is very long and powerful but with the condition not to be disturbed by hero stunner because it will cancel like hero crystal maiden if in dota2.
Odette has a passive that annoys enemies. So passivenya will be active every time we attack the enemy, then there are additional attacks that bounce a few times that will attack the enemy. Likewise so. And demagenya too bad to drain the enemy HP. image
Although odette can all things like stunning, slowing but all the skills are not maximal. Why? Because the first delay is very briefly. Like stun on the second skill, odette only lasts 1 second only. That's not enough to defeat the enemy. Not only that, Ultimatenya did not last long, so can not even kill the enemy if the same level conditions. So you can say this hero is only supporting the team is not a true mage that can kill the enemy with burst demagenya like aurora and eudora.
After reading this article still my friend bought odette with that expensive price? I think for the newbie who are hard to find BP and seldom play better to buy the important heroes used like MM and Tank. Create a lot of BP yes please collect this hero who knows will be in the buff or raised status. A lot of Weakness and Odette Mobile Legends and happy gaming!


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